How to Protect Yourself From Antisocial Deviants & Energy-Sapping Vampires Part 1

How to Protect Yourself From Antisocial Deviants & Energy-Sapping Vampires Part 1

Today’s e-mail may seem a departure from my standard e-mails on strength and personal empowerment, but I assure you that it contains vital information you can use to protect yourself from those who would like to do you harm. With that in mind please read on…

There is a certain type of personality that exists not only in our culture today but has existed in every culture worldwide since the dawn of recorded history. It is the personality of the antisocial deviant—a control freak whose sole desire and purpose in life is to make everyone else subservient to his whims and wishes. We have all seen this twisted and perverted personality at work. (This e-mail and the one that follows it on Monday will arm you with the resources you need to effectively eliminate these types of deviants from life. In other words, you’ll learn how to effectively avoid them.)

Here’s the deal. There are certain characteristics, mental attitudes, and personality quirks that cause about 20% of any given group or race to violently oppose any liberating influence or betterment activity that could help to empower and liberate the other 80% of the group. Such people are antisocial deviants and energy-sapping vampires. They can only do you harm. And you need to know about them so that you can recognize them immediately and deal effectively with eradicating their influence from your life as quickly as possible.

Consider that when the legal or political structure of a country becomes such as to favor such personalities in positions of trust and power, then all the civilizing elements of that country become suppressed and a barbarism of criminality and economic duress ensues. It is a fact that crimes of every type and description are perpetrated by these types of twisted, antisocial deviants. Inmates of institutions commonly trace their current state back to contact with such personalities.

Thus, in the fields of government, law enforcement, and mental health, to name just a few, we see that it is important to be able to detect and isolate this flawed personality type so as to protect society and individuals from the destructive influences attendant upon letting such twisted individuals have free rein to injure others.

As they only comprise 20% of the population, and as less than 3% are truly dangerous, we see that with a very small amount of effort we could considerably better the state of society.

Well-known, even stellar, examples of the antisocial deviant personality types are Stalin, Hitler, Al Capone, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and other famous criminals. But with such a cast of characters in history, we neglect the less stellar examples in our own midst and do not perceive that such personalities exist in everyday current life, are very common, and are often undetected.

For instance, oftentimes when we trace the cause of a failing business, we will inevitably discover somewhere—either from without or within in its own ranks—the antisocial deviant personality hard at work doing his or her best to be a disruptive influence. Within families that are breaking up, we commonly find one or the other of the individuals involved to have such an enslaving type of personality.

Where life has become rough and is failing for any given individual, a careful review with the help of a trained observer will help to detect one or more such personalities at work.

Bottom line: since there are 80% of us trying to get along and be respectful of another and only 20% trying to prevent us, our lives would be much easier to live where we are well informed as to the exact manifestations of such a twisted personality. Thus, we could detect it and save ourselves the failure, heartache, and heartbreak that are the result of trying to get along with this type of personalities. Truth is, trying to get along with the antisocial deviant personality is an exercise in futility that can only end one way, and that is for the decent person to be hurt.

It is important then to examine and list the attributes of the antisocial deviant personality. Influencing as it does the daily lives of so many, it well behooves decent people to become better informed on this subject in order to understand what they are dealing with so that they can respond appropriately. (Check back on Monday for the rest of this e-mail.)

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