How to Reinforce the Exercise Habit

How to Reinforce the Exercise Habit

Think of all the things you do on autopilot—things for the most part you don’t even have to think about. We refer to these things as habits. Good or bad, you formed them through repetition of thought followed by repetition of action that over the course of time reinforced and imbedded them deep into your consciousness and oftentimes deep into your subconscious. And so it is with every habit that you have.

Habits always start out as thoughts or ideas that you act upon. And if you act upon them and reinforce them every day for 34 consecutive days, that thought and action will be “locked in” as a habit. Virtue or vice, the truth is, the habit has YOU—you don’t have it.

Unfortunately, that principle seems to be more often true of bad habits than good ones. Bad habits are very easy to form and extremely hard to break. Good habits take a little more guts to form, but once they’re locked in, you’ve got something that is an automatic reflex done on autopilot. That is true until you start hanging around with people who don’t have the same kinds of goals or good habits you have, or you go on vacation, or you get sick or injured, and so on.

So why are bad habits so easy to keep? Simple. Because there are so many people around you who have the same bad habits.

When it comes to good habits, though, oftentimes you have to search for others who can reinforce the good you’re doing. But even if you don’t find others who share your good habits for daily health and strength building exercise, excellent nutrition, a positive mental attitude, and so on, this is not a problem so long as you take charge of constantly programming what goes into your mind through what you read and listen to, including what seminars you attend.

I suggest you form one new positive habit at a time. Spend at least 34 consecutive days getting yourself “locked in” on this good habit. Then, once it “has you,” think about adding something else that is just as good. This kind of positive self-programming is how you put yourself on the path to greatness. Which brings up a good point…

One of the great things about my Trinity of Health and Fitness is that the exercises can be done virtually anywhere and require no equipment. Within 34 consecutive days, the exercise habit grabs you from the inside out. You can easily complete this body fat reducing, muscle-sculpting workout in 30 minutes each day or 15 minutes if you’re a total animal. And you’ll feel so good doing these exercises that you may want to do them more often. They become a good habit quickly, and they give you the internal strength to help you drop other negative, destructive habits.

So make sure you do your Tiger Bend Squats, Tiger Stretch Push-ups, and Bridging today; and if you’re really up for it, add the Miracle Seven Tiger Moves.

These workouts constitute the very best habit-forming workouts on the planet. And neither requires more than 15–20 minutes to complete.

—John Peterson

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