John, How Strong Can I Get?

John, How Strong Can I Get?

Earlier today I received an e-mail from a man asking me, “How much stronger can I expect to become from doing your G.U.T.S. Program as opposed to Super Slow Weight Training?” He stated that he has been training with a personal trainer for the better part of a decade, and that he has been at a complete standstill and isn’t making progress or getting the results he once did regardless of how much cardio he is doing between his Super Slow Sessions. He said he wants to become a “lean, mean machine.”

Here is my answer, which may surprise some of you.

As far as how strong you can become by following the G.U.T.S. Program, that depends upon how much effort you are willing to expend, how consistent you are in executing it, and your nutritional profile. But to give you an idea of what is possible, I have a friend by the name of Brian Hughes who has been a personal trainer to businessmen, attorneys, and doctors for years. Although he personally has followed my Transformetrics Training methods for years, he has most of his clients performing exercises on a circuit of weight machines much like women do who go to Curves.

About six months ago Brian got a new client who had been training for the previous five years on weights. Brian was surprised because, with the exception of the bench press, the guy was very weak. So he decided to train him on the exercises that we teach. He started him on a program of Atlas Push-Ups, Atlas Sit-Ups, Atlas Leg Raises, Tiger Bend Squats, and pull-ups and dips on a machine that assisted him by subtracting from his current bodyweight. The trouble was that at first his client had a tough time performing any of these exercises even remotely well. He couldn’t perform 25 straight Tiger Bend Squats, 12 Atlas Push-Ups, or even perform a single unassisted pull-up. But Brian coached the guy and supervised his eating.

Now, six months later, the guy can perform 300 Tiger Bend Squats in 15 minutes, 50 Atlas Push-Ups in one set, 12 standard pull-ups unassisted, and sets of 100 Atlas Sit-Ups and Leg Raises. In the process he has lost more than 30 pounds while adding a great deal of muscle mass as is obvious from his photos. In addition, Brian tested him on the weight machines to see how much he could lift now compared to what he could six months earlier. It turns out the man is far stronger on the weights (even the bench press) than he had ever been, but he became much stronger without any form of weight training.

Bottom line: How strong can you get with G.U.T.S.? Super Strong—as will be evident when you can perform the entire program at the highest level in 24 minutes.

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