Just Because You Haven’t Done Something Before…Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

Just Because You Haven’t Done Something Before…Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

Hey Friends,

One of the great joys of training for all-around functional strength and fitness as we teach in the Transformetrics Training System is that quite often our friends and students will suddenly find themselves capable of doing things they have never done before or didn’t know they could do. Take for example my good friend Joe Justice. In the last year and a half, Joe has lost more than 50 pounds of excess body weight while simultaneously adding pound after pound of lithe, perfectly sculpted muscle. But it gets even better. Recently, Joe suddenly found himself capable of doing something that he had never done before. His story, in his own words, is what follows:

For a while now I’ve been working on trying to do a freestanding handstand. When I first started training, the idea of a handstand was just unthinkable. Then I got to the point where I could do them against a wall and hold it for about 10 seconds. Gradually, I’ve gotten better and better and can now hold them pretty much as long as I want, but still topple over without the wall for support.

So today my wife and I were playing around in the yard, and I said, “Hey, I can’t hold a handstand, but I might be able to get one for a few seconds.” So I kick up and expect to fall over, but to my shock, I didn’t!! I just “stood” there.

“I thought you said you couldn’t hold one,” my wife said after about 10 seconds.

“I can’t,” I replied.

“Uh huh,” she said, and I imagine she had a particular expression on her face. You know, the one she uses whenever I say something stupid.

I held the handstand for I dunno how long, trying not to think about it. I could feel the muscles in my hands making minor adjustments and my legs shifting a little, but I just tried not to think about it. A moment of zen.

Then after at least 30 seconds, she said, “Why don’t you go ahead and come down?”

And I said, “If I do, I’m afraid I’ll never be able to do it again.”

We both started to laugh, and I fell. Sure enough, I tried to get back up in the handstand with no luck, kept falling after a few seconds. All in all pretty freakin’ cool! At least now I know somewhere, some part of my brain knows how to tell my body how to do it, and my body is strong enough to pull it off. Now I just gotta work on making it happen again! Gotta tap back into that zen.

Now friends, Joe is a perfect example of what I mean when I talk about “Functional Strength and Fitness.” To me, functional strength and fitness allows a person to simultaneously develop Strength, Flexibility, Cardio and Muscular Endurance, Balance, Coordination, Speed (reaction time), and Aesthetics, without any of those seven attributes being diminished or compromised or overshadowed by the overdevelopment of any one attribute. In other words, we are talking about a synergistic balance of all seven attributes of strength and fitness that will benefit our students and practitioners for life. And once again my friend Joe is the living proof.

John Peterson

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