The Master Key to Reaching Your Goals

The Master Key to Reaching Your Goals

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”—Fitzhugh Dodson

Those of you who have read my books, articles, and posts on the Forum know that there is one thing that I consistently stress: The most important exercise you can perform to reach your goal of ideal fitness is something I call the Master Key—and it is at once the easiest exercise to perform and the most challenging to master. The muscle you use for this three-step procedure is the most powerful because it determines what every other part of you—body and soul—will accomplish. It is your mind, and this three-step Master Key is crucial to reaching your fitness—or any other—goals. Here are the steps:

1) Program the right thoughts or goals into your mind.

2) Keep those thoughts and goals in focus.

3) Actualize your thoughts or goals by following through with them.

Through years of personal experience I can assure you that you will never take the action required to give yourself ideal health, strength, and lifelong fitness unless you begin with a concrete goal in your mind, focus on that goal, and follow through with a realistic plan of attack—a fitness strategy such as the ones I’ve outlined in Pushing Yourself to Power, The Miracle Seven, and Isometric Power Revolution.—J.P.

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