Maximizing Results – Body, Mind, and Spirit

Maximizing Results – Body, Mind, and Spirit

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, a lifelong athlete, and a Physical Culturist, I have long been aware of the importance that good nutrition plays in achieving peak physical strength and performance as well as achieving peak intellectual and emotional well-being. Simply put, you could work out “til frogs grow feathers,” as Uncle Wally used to say, but if you are not feeding your body the right nutrients it needs, and in the right amounts, you’ll never achieve the best possible results that you deserve for your efforts. And, of course, the same is true as relates to your intellectual pursuits and your emotional well-being. Truth to tell, you need superior nutrition for both mind and body to function optimally.

This is why I have teamed up with my close friends at NutriPrima to bring you the best and highest quality Nutritional Supplements with the most potent bioactive nutrients known to man.

Take, for example, our “Ultimate Pain & Inflammation Systemic Enzyme Power Formula.” As many of you know from having read my books, after I saw firsthand how systemic enzymes helped me completely recover from a devastating injury, I have personally been taking Europe’s best-known brand for more than twenty years. But that all changed three months ago when my partners and I were able to work with our lab in producing our own blend of systemic enzymes that feature every ingredient the leading brand offers in all the right ratios. But in addition, we had several synergists added to make our formula two-and-a-half times more potent. Yes, you read that right, two-and-a-half times more potent. And though our formulation is far more potent, it actually costs less and delivers far greater value.

This, in fact, is exactly what we have done across the board with every product you see offered by NutriPrima. Simply put, if we can’t produce a better product at a better price than our competition, we will not produce it—Period.

With that in mind, I hope you will review the supplements offered here and consider NutriPrima for all of your supplementation needs. You won’t be disappointed.

And as my friend and partner Jim Saxion says, “Remember to take life seriously.”

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Until next time, stay healthy and God bless,
John Peterson

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