Morning or Evening? Which Is Best?

Morning or Evening? Which Is Best?

Today’s e-mail may seem so simple or obvious to some of you that you wonder why I even bother to send it to you. And the reason is because hardly a week goes by that I don’t receive a personal e-mail that asks me this question. Here’s the one I received this morning.

“John, I just received G.U.T.S. in the mail yesterday, and it is by far the hardest exercise program I’ve ever tried. Since G.U.T.S. is so hard, is it safe to do it first thing in the morning or should I wait until later in the day?”

First, I need to say that it is absolutely safe either way, provided your health is good, and I always recommend getting a medical doctor’s approval if there’s any question.

Second, I’ve been asked this question about what time is best on numerous occasions, and my best answer is this. I personally prefer early morning. This is especially true in the summer, when I can exercise outside. I enjoy exercising first thing in the morning, because the air is cleanest at that time. Not only that, but by exercising first thing in the morning, I can look back with a sense of accomplishment throughout the rest of the day. Still, in the big picture, it does not even remotely matter what I do or prefer when it comes to YOU.

Bottom line: YOU need to find a time that works best for YOU and stick with it. If training in the early morning doesn’t feel right, do it later in the day. The important thing is to do it and avoid making excuses.

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