The Path to Personal Power

The Path to Personal Power

Last week I shared a two-part e-mail message that resonated with many of you titled “Seven Master Strategies to Regaining Control in Your Life.” In that e-mail, I shared the importance of carefully regulating and controlling all of the information that you allow into your mind on a daily basis. Why? Because it programs you.

The bottom line message came down to this: If you don’t take control of your own mental programming, the media you expose yourself to on a daily basis will—by default.

Like it or not, you, me, and everyone else is being programmed, brainwashed, or manipulated. Choose the adjective you like best. And to further underscore the importance of regulating exactly what you allow yourself to see, read, and hear, consider this true story that I wrote about in my first book, Pushing Yourself to Power. It is the story of Mr. Wright.

“In an article published in 1957 by psychologist Bruno Klopfer in The Journal of Prospective Techniques, a man called Mr. Wright suffered from advanced lymphatic cancer. His lymph nodes were swollen to the size of oranges, and both his spleen and liver were so enlarged that 2 quarts of milky fluid had to be drained from them daily. The doctors had done everything medically possible in the mid 1950s on Mr. Wright’s behalf, but there was nothing more they could do. So they gave him up to die.

“Somehow Mr. Wright heard of a new experimental drug for cancer. But it was only being administered to people whom doctors believed had at least a three-month life expectancy. Wright begged his doctor for the drug, and finally the doctor relented. According to the report, the doctor injected him on Friday but really didn’t expect him to live through the weekend. Unbelievably, on the following Monday, less than 72 hours later, Wright was walking around and feeling great. The tumors had ‘melted like snowballs on a hot stove.’ Ten days after his first Krebiozen injection, Mr. Wright went home from the hospital being determined by the doctors to be cancer free!

“Unfortunately, months later the American Medical Association published a nationwide study on Krebiozen that flatly announced it was worthless. Mr. Wright read the study, believed it, and his cancer returned. Two days later he died.

“So what happened to Mr. Wright? Why did he become wrong? Let’s examine it objectively. Mr. Wright, who is terminal, hears about a new miracle cure for cancer. He reasons to himself that the reason he has not already died is because it is his destiny to be cured of cancer, and Krebiozen is the agent of that cure. He begs his doctor to go outside the rule and inject him. Then Mr. Wright’s intellect and emotions, his mind, believes that the miraculous cure has been found, and as a result his body obeys the single congruent message that it is given by Mr. Wright’s mind, which is—HEAL! And his body has no other choice but to obey!

“Just think what would have happened had Mr. Wright not read the study that negated his positive belief. Who knows how long he could have lived? But the simple point is this: Whatever you believe about yourself, both intellectually and emotionally, will determine who and what you become physically and spiritually. For that reason alone you must guard your thoughts, your speech, and all of your associations. If you surround yourself with positive reinforcement in what you see, hear, think, and verbalize, and if you follow through with positive action—you will meet with a positive outcome. It is inevitable!”

John E. Peterson

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