Push-Up Variations: Part II

Push-Up Variations: Part II

Yesterday I answered the first of two questions from a Forum member who wondered about the need for the many Push-up variations I will feature in my upcoming book Ultimate Push-Ups for the Awesome Physique.

Here’s his second question, which is related to both stationery and rotating Push-Ups handles:

“I have used both stationery and rotating handles, but they tear up my rotator cuffs and cause pain in my palms. Why do you think the rotating handles are so great when you can’t do nearly as many repetitions to get good muscle definition, and especially when you know that they hurt your joints?”

Answer: It may be that for some people rotating handles cause problems. But I have a feeling that they help more people to prevent rotator cuff injury rather than actually causing it. Nonetheless, if your results are better without them, then I would suggest forgoing their use. You certainly don’t need anyone’s permission to do what’s best for you.

Now, as far as the number of reps that a person can do and the level of muscular definition, let me just answer it this way. Let’s say that a man can do sets of 50 Push-Ups without the handles, and because of the increased difficulty is limited to sets of 30 when he uses the handles. In that case, I think he should start with a few sets using the handles (provided they don’t cause pain in his rotator cuffs), and gradually adds reps until he is knocking off sets of 50 with the handles. With that strategy he will only benefit and achieve greater strength and definition. I don’t see it as a case of either/or. You can do both.

I’m not adamant at all about how many reps a person needs to do each day, which variations he should perform, and if he should use handles, boxes, chairs, rings, or anything else. I believe that each person needs to do what fits his or her own goals and body type. If just performing standard Push-Ups is all you want to do, I say GO FOR IT! Ultimately, you are the one doing the exercise and you are the one who will achieve the results, whichever strategy you choose.—J.P.

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