Starvation Is Not the Answer to Weight Loss

Starvation Is Not the Answer to Weight Loss

It’s true that diets don’t work if you’re talking about a flat-out cure for obesity. Dieting, as in “calorie restriction,” however, is a necessary part of the solution. Here’s the deal. Researchers found out that dieting alone doesn’t halt obesity and is not an efficient means of losing body fat. Why? Because God has created and programmed our bodies with all manner of survival mechanisms to defeat starvation. Now, some of you may wonder, Why would the Creator do that? Answer: Because He wanted to give humanity the best possible means of survival in hostile environments.

Truth to tell, the hunter-gather bodies we inherited interpret calorie restriction as an emergency warning that famine is coming. Programmed to survive food shortages, your body counters your diet by increasing its ability to store fat reserves—so that you can wait out the famine. It will literally lower your metabolic rate to compensate.

In fact, the more severe your diet, the harder your body fights to hang on to your fat—and to make more fat. Going on a fast, even for twenty-four hours, invites your fat storing mechanisms to kick into gear.

Consider this study on dieting rats that was cited by Covert Bailey in The New Fit or Fat book. Two groups of rats were put on identical low-calorie diets. One group was further restricted by having to eat all its calories in one big daily meal. After six weeks, researchers measured the rat enzymes that control the deposit of fat. The “one meal” group had nearly ten times the amount of fat-producing enzymes as the “nibbler” group! The “one meal” group had been primed to become megafat producers the moment the diet ended. After the diet, it took eighteen weeks for enzyme levels of the “one meal” group to return to normal.

Bottom line: If you’re serious about losing fat while shaping up, check back tomorrow.

John Peterson

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