Too Busy to Train

Too Busy to Train

“John, I’m just too busy to exercise.” That’s the line I read in many of the e-mails I receive. The person often says he just can’t fit in even 15 minutes of personal time for a productive training session. He says, “I’d love to work out, John, but today but I’m overcommitted, I’ve got way too much to do, and I’m too strapped for time.”

Okay, friends, believe me, I could be using the same stupid excuse. But I don’t! Not now. Not ever. And this is one of the reasons why I believe that everyone needs to have a Foundational DAILY Exercise System so that even if they do not have time to do everything that they would like to do, they still have all the bases covered for lifelong health, strength, and fitness.

Think about it. If you’re smart, you’ll eat nourishing food every single day. But ask yourself, “How healthy would I be if I ate only three times a week and that’s it?” Then ask yourself, “How healthy would I be if I habitually missed one or two of those feeding sessions each week?” Answer it for yourself. At the very least, you know that you would not be a happy camper. And there is no way you would be as healthy if you gorged yourself when eating just three times each week as compared to enjoying sensible, delicious, and nutritious meals each day.

The truth is, the right kind of foundational health, strength, and fitness exercise is every bit as important if you want to live a fulfilling life as is feeding your body first-class nutrients. If you don’t exercise daily, your body will accumulate calcium deposits in your joints from lack of use, your muscles will atrophy and become weak, you’ll feel vulnerable, and you’ll be more susceptible to disease. What’s more, over the course of time you will be getting unhealthier by the moment. But, hey, you’ve got an excuse—you’re too busy to exercise. Right?

Well, “Bull Roar!” It’s not a good idea to ever make an excuse.

Here’s the deal. For every 15 minutes you spend following a daily Foundational Strength and Fitness Program such as The Seven Tiger Moves or The Trinity of Health, you receive a couple hours of increased productivity in return. Believe me, I know from experience. Sometimes even more. That’s why I don’t allow myself to miss a day of exercise. Not ever. And that’s why I immediately terminate any excuse that ever comes into my mind.

Granted, sometimes we may think we’re doing the right thing when we blow off exercise for some reason, but there is rarely a good reason. And you’re made aware of this truth when your workout is completed and you feel the positive benefits of having taken a little time for yourself. Your negative stress is dissipated. You feel totally alive as endorphins are rushing throughout your bloodstream to your entire body, and you experience good feelings overall.

I say, “Let the rest of the world wait.” When it’s time for YOU, it’s time for YOU! Stop making everyone and everything else more important than your health and happiness. You’re important, too. And you come first.

Follow my Miracle Seven Exercise Program or The Trinity of Health & Fitness so that you can truly appreciate the wonders of exercising like a champ. There’s a reason why I say you’re not too busy for exercise. Follow either one of my foundational programs and you’ll understand.

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