The True Measure of Strength & Fitness

The True Measure of Strength & Fitness

From the time I was in junior high to the present, the hype surrounding the bench press as a measure of manly strength has gone through the roof. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how many people there are who truly think that how much weight one can press while lying on there back actually counts for something.

Well, in one sense it does. It accounts for a massive number of torn rotator cuffs, torn pecs, and massive pectoral muscles complete with huge stretch marks that don’t add anything to a man’s functional strength, fitness, or the aesthetics of his physique.

Worse yet, because of the popularity of this one exercise, there are a large number of men who go to the gym to perform just this one exercise and virtually nothing else. They perform set after set, which ultimately leads to overdevelopment of the pectorals and triceps, underdevelopment of the stabilizing muscles, and creates anterior shoulder instability and chronic shoulder pain.

A far better measure of a man’s true functional strength is his ability to move his own body weight. No exercise measures this more perfectly or efficiently than the good old-fashioned chin-up or pull-up. This why the United States Marines have pull-up stations at state fairs and shopping malls all over America for special events. All a man has to do is 20 pull-ups to win a Marine Corps T-shirt. Needless to say, the Marines don’t give away very many T-shirts.

Which brings up a good point. If you want to ace the Marine Pull-up Challenge, you’ll find everything you need to maximize your ability contained in the pages of my book Pushing Yourself to Power. There you will find everything you need to become an expert not only at pull-ups but at more than 150 other exercises that allow you to challenge and maximize your functional strength, fitness, and physique from all angles and all directions without ever having to rely on going to a gym or purchasing expensive exercise equipment ever again. Think of it as Strength & Fitness Tarzan Style.

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