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weaponx 07-11-2012 09:46 AM

Weapon X IS BACK
Wednesday July 11,2012

100 Jumping Jacks
100 Liederman Pushups
50 Kisha Crunching Sit Ups

30 Step Ups/ 15 Burpees (non pushup variety) x 7 rounds

50 Kisha Crunching Sit Ups (broken up 35, 15)
50 Atlas 2 Pushups (broken up 35, 15)

30 minutes

I was going to change my whole system up, but since reading about the G.U.T.S. program while away on Martha's Vineyard last month I have been using it daily and only really varying the "cardio break" portion. While I was away i did the traditional step ups and added in some jump rope, which really gets the heart rate up and torches fat. I really like it, its simple, result producing, brief and open to some fun variance during the cardio portion.

Im WeaponX (wolvernine from Marvel Comics codename). Im now almost 38 years old. I stand 5'6" and weight between 190 to 200 (get the wolverine reference?). From 93 to 99 I was a US Marine. In 2000 I became a police officer, working my way from rookie, to field training officer to SWAT member, to road corporal to my present position of Detective.

My main goals are to increase stamina, lose fat and build natural muscle not supplement inflated bulk. Like the look of a middle weight boxer as opposed to a steroid using bodybuilder.

I love training daily and get it in whenever I can.

Back in the early 2000's I came across this site and purchased PYTP and employed it as I used bodyweight exercises almost exclusively my whole life. Back then I was big on posting here. I had my dalliances with Crossfit and Kettlebells which did nothing much more than ruin my lower back and shoulders. So I'm happy to be back and employing the things I have learned from John, things I have learned from other friends and my own take on everything.

If any of you read this, please feel free to comment.


weaponx 07-12-2012 09:42 AM

Thursday 7/12/12

120 8 count body builders, done 15 to 1. From 10 to 1 I added two pushups and a jump which came to 175 pushups.

100 kisha crunching situps
20 cinups

500 jump ropes

30 minutes and change

weaponx 07-15-2012 08:25 AM

Friday 7/13/2012
Crunching sit ups- 50
Atlas 2 pushups-50
Step ups- 435 in 12:00
Crunching sit ups-50
Atlas 2 pushps

Saturday 7/14/2012
Crunching Situps-50
Alas 2 pushups-50
Step Ups-442 in 12:00
Crunching Situps-50
Atlas 2 Pushups-50

Sunday 7/15/2012
Crunching Situps-55
Narrow grip pullups-11
8 Count Prison Burpee* 100 in 13:30
Narrow Grip Pullups 14
Crunching Situps -55

* From the standing position, squat, place hands on floor, kick back legs, do two pushups, kick legs back up, jump and REPEAT. Totaled 200 pushups in that time and my shoulders were on fire, not to mention my lungs

weaponx 07-19-2012 02:44 PM

Been working out daily, just havent been posting....

However, today went like this:

Thursday July 19, 2012
Atlas 2 Pushup 55
Kisha Situp 55
100 yard bear crawl, 500 jump ropes, 250 step ups
Kisha Situps 55
Atlas 2 pushups 55
Milo 20, 15


PowerHank 07-25-2012 09:30 PM

Haven't been here in awhile. So, have missed your posts. But am impressed with your pushup routines and your overall upper body strength. Keep up the good work, keep posting. Looking forward to reading about your progress. The two books you've purchased--Pushing Yourself to Power (PYTP) and GUTS--are the same that I've purchased. PYTP is a classic and chock full of information and routines.

A great reference. And I'll bet you have a great upper body physique based on your size and weight and what you're able to post. Criminals, beware!

weaponx 07-26-2012 11:28 AM

Wow thanks for the reply PowerHank!!! I'm trying, day by day I'm trying to get fitter, more defined and in better cardiovascular shape. Jumping Rope and burpees are my favorites for cardio, you cant beat pushups for sculpting the entire upper body. Been slacking off posting my daily workouts but rest assured, I have been at it every day.

A little experimenting lately and straying from the beaten path:
Thursday July 26, 2012
10 burpees on the minute for 10 minutes= 100 in 9:47
Crunches:50 cant do situps for time being, i have "mat burn" on cocyx area that stings
chins: 8
Atlas Pushups: 35 stopped the set when form went south
Jump Rope: 800 in 8 minutes

Crunches: 50 more
Atlas Pushups: 35 more
Chins 5more

Milo Curl: 20, 15 (these I love)

Scott Silva 07-26-2012 08:47 PM

Haven't seen you post in years. Do you ever do any running anymore?

This was your comment about 5 years ago, I always remember your comment and wonder how old were you when you did this routine??? (The topic was 'How Important is Cardio Exercise?')


I donít know... The best I ever looked I was doing some long runs 10+. I only ran every other day though.. The days I did not run I did loads 1000+ pushups and sit-ups and about 100 pull-ups. These days Iíve been doing 2 miles for time 3 times per week followed by PHA circuit training, on opposite days Iíve been working on longer runs of 5 miles or so. Am I wasting my time?
I've been doing more jogging (I won't really say running) & it's been a boon to my diet & weight loss that I have been working on.

This is a really good achievement

Jump Rope: 800 in 8 minutes

weaponx 07-27-2012 08:55 AM


It's funny you bring up running.... When I did miles like that I was 17 to 18 years old. I'll be 38 in September! What worked then doesn't work so much anymore and now I have a toddler and a job with crazy hours. These days it's all about diet and short (20 to 30 minute) intense training. I look at my workouts now as "practice" and just experiment with exercises and methods I feel are natural and result producing.

I cut way back on sugar, grains, potatoes, pasta and especially beer. That alone goes a long way. I also learned that jacking my heart rate to the "cardio" zone for extended periods of time wasn't the best method for fat loss either. Sometimes instead of step ups I will run a mile for time, but it almost always bothers my groin or knees or hips so I stick with burpees, bear crawls, jump rope and step ups along with pushups, pullups and sit ups. Sometimes I'll do a landlubber monster mash triathlon right in my driveway: 100 yard bear crawl, 500 jump ropes and 250 step ups. I'll do this sandwiched between atlas pushups and situps. I also have to say I love milo curls. I had my doubts about dsr exercises but I love that one.

All this talk makes me want to train! Take care

weaponx 07-27-2012 09:50 AM

Friday July 27, 2012

After the motivating and positive comments I have gotten I went out to the "grinder" aka my garage and 25 yard driveway and went after it.

55 Atlas Situps
55 Atlas 2 pushups, feet on chair, hands on walmart pushup handles!
12:00 alternating 110 jump ropes, 35 step ups with 25 extra jump ropes when the bell rang. I totaled around 700 jump ropes and 210 step ups

50 Atlas Situps
50 Atlas 2 pushups

this took 24 minutes. ( I did my Milo curls this morning before my daughter went to day care)

I was bummed I didnt do my descending or timed burpee workout, but then I thought to myself, why does it have to always be high volume burpees? Get it in when you can!

SO... max burpees in 3:00 = 30 burpees

So now my shoulders are smoked, my lungs are expanded and hopefully my fat cells are shrinking angrily!

Let me just say no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone writes, this site is great. The people here are positive and motivating and all about helping each other. I've been all over the World Wide Web and run across a lot of negativity and people who doubt others, BUT NEVER HERE! There are no keyboard quarterbacks here who tell you not to train every day or you wont grow, or weights are the only way, or you cant do that many pushups, all they build are endurance... You get the point. I do what I do because it feels good, I LIKE IT, pushing myself everyday to beat what Ive done before makes me HAPPY! So I thank you Bronze Bow and Transformetrics.

Most sincerely,
John King

dynogoalie30 07-27-2012 06:00 PM

weaponx, your workouts are incredible, after reading your workouts, I want to dash out the door and TRAIN, keep up the great work, do you do any hindu squats or Atlas squats as part of your program? I miss doing burpees, I use to do 1 set of 100 twice a week until I ruptured my bicep tendon in Feb, I will be able to start doing them along with pull-ups in Sept, what a great exercise, it leaves you huffing and puffing, keep up the great work and keep us posted with your progress, great job.

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