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John Peterson 06-24-2019 11:01 AM

Alan Calvert's Confidential Information
Hello Everyone,

There are two short books that I am republishing in hopes of bringing a certain level of logic and common sense back to physical culture. The reason we need them is that there have never been nearly as many people sustaining serious orthopedic injuries as exist now due to extreme exercise routines that do far more harm than benefit to the people following them.

The two books are:

#1) Confidential Information on Lifting and Lifters by Alan Calvert published in 1926


#2)) Exercise Without Exercises by S. Arthur DeVan published in 1926.

The second book elaborates the information found in the first book and presents the foundational secrets of developing a truly strong and functional body in every sense of the word. The second book presents the "Secrets" as taught by Edwin Checkley of how to hold one's body in the correct position while standing, sitting, and walking so that the muscles are naturally exercised and strengthened as the lungs are fully expanded. It discusses habits that become second nature once they are fixed that will virtually guarantee a level of strength and vital power (virility & vitality) that will last for life. This second book presents the foundation upon which all other forms of exercise can be used to sculpt one's muscles. Both books together should be read by everyone interested in true physical culture and that is why I am going to publish them.

---John Peterson

blackbelt 06-26-2019 10:40 AM


After you mentioned the book Exercise Without Exercises a few weeks ago, I ordered a copy from Amazon.

I've been reading the book the past couple of days and really like it.

It contains basic but good information that makes a lot of sense, once you get past the dated wording.

Rob (aka blackbelt)

John Peterson 07-01-2019 03:55 PM

Hello BlackBelt,

One of the things that struck me about Alan Calvert's book is that he was legitimately in the weight lifting camp for twenty years with best of intentions. During that time he came across man after man and fraud after fraud that could not even remotely put up the kind of weight they stated was on the bar. Not only that but there was a great deal of trickery involved that totally disgusted him. And he outlines exactly what that trickery included in his book: "Confidential Information on Lifting and Lifters'. Calvert also wrote that he knew a great many of these men personally and that he often discussed their fraudulent claims.

It was when he met Edwin Checkley that he met a genuinely "strong man" who never trained with weights and yet could outperform those who did. Through Edwin Checkley, Calvert discovered the 'secrets' of the naturally strong man and he discussed them briefly in his book. The second book 'Exercise Without Exercises' by S. Arthur Devan goes into great detail about the very specific habits that create an extreme level of natural strength. These habits include a very specific pattern of breathing and posture while sitting, standing, and walking that engage the entire musculature of the body by holding everything in place 'ISOMETRICALLY'. It is these habits that create a "Natural" Strong Man. This was the foundation of the Checkley System and it will be the foundation of Living Strength moving forward.

---John Peterson

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