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armorplated 03-15-2016 11:30 PM

Fit goal again
So as I said it's been a while and I've had a few set backs to include two surgeries from a motorcycle accident that left a 6x3 price of steel in my right fore arm. The doc said I wouldn't get full range back in my wrist....wrong...I began using transformetrics wrist exercises as soon as I recovered from the last surgery and just over a year later I am feeling about 90%. I am doing full range pushups without any pain and full range pullups(only 2-3 per set) with only mild pain.

So obviously the picturebtonthebleft isn't me anymore. I will post a current pic tomorrow. After over a year of no being able to train effectively and a minth on butt Im not at my peak. However, I will reach my new goal again.

Today's workout:
Basic Guts. 1 minute military pushups
3 minutes Atlas sit-ups
12 minutes TBS(I quickly remembered how long 12 minutes really is)
1 minute military pushups
3 minutes Atlas sit-ups
4 minutes of mils 24 and 15.
Absolutely spiked my metabolism. I feel great already getting sore and hungry. I didn't keep a count record as I am using this week as a toughening phase and will began the conditioning phase next week.

I do plan to add additional pushups and pullups once I feel I have the capability to donsonwithout over training.
Best if's still fun

gbjj 03-19-2016 10:14 AM

Looking Forward to watching your progress here, I'm wondering if your integrating any ISO's, PowerFlex's or the like into your routine at this point or are you using GUTS as your Core for a while then branching out.

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