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John Peterson 02-12-2018 05:32 PM

Stop Over Complicating Everything
Hello Everyone,

I received an e-mail from a guy that was asking a laundry list of questions about Tiger Moves and Isometrics.

Almost hard to believe that anyone would spend that much time asking that many questions.

I told him to check through our archived posts.

But here's the deal. This guy is asking so many questions that he is psyching himself out before he begins..

To understand the Seven Tiger Moves read: 'Miracle Seven'. Then start to perform the exercises for the selected muscle groups through the various ranges of motion at different levels of tension. Use enough tension so that the muscles feel as though they have been thoroughly worked when exercised for 3 sets X 10 reps in Circuit format. This will require a certain amount of time but before you know it you will know the perfect amount of tension that feels right and leaves you feeling energized and strengthened. It's a good feeling.


For Isometrics: Read IPR and realize that the science and art of muscle control is an acquired skill and that after a few weeks practice you will be able to achieve levels of intense contraction that YOU cannot even imagine at this moment...Believe me...I know whereof I speak...Mastering Isometric Contraction is an acquired Skill.

---John Peterson

TimK 02-13-2018 11:02 AM

I agree. You'd also see it in the Martial Arts. You would be trying to teach someone to throw a round Kick, and they'd want to talk about it. No!! throw the kick to the best of your ability, and keep on throwing that kick to the best of your ability. The instructor could give you hot tips on the kick. But one had to throw that kick until you felt comfortable with it and it became effective.
To intellectually understand any skill is meaningless until and unless one can physically do it. Some are going to be better suited to any given skill. But all of us have to practice the skill until you have a feel for it. After one has a feel for a skill, then is the time to improve the skill and analysis the skill.


Upshur74 02-14-2018 02:50 AM


great thoughts, thank you for posting them! I think many of us (including me!) tend to overthink fitness and workout protocols at least from time to time, searching for the "silver bullet". It is very inspiring to be reminded to stick to and start from the basics. And by "basics" I don't mean simple or limited. If I had to chose only one book on physical culture to keep in my shelf for the rest of my life or to take with me on an abandoned island - it would be M7.

Since I have to travel to my workplace for two hours every day, get out of bed at 05:40 a.m. and return home at 10 p.m. I don't find time and energy (!) to work out in the (very) early morning or at night. What I'm doing for the last 4 month is practicing M7 in the middle of the day in my office, when my energy levels are high. I have my Power belt with me and added 5 isometric "major lifts" after every set of M7 (5-6-7 protocol and a different angle after every set of M7). At last I throw in 3 sets of 10 push-ups done "McSweeney-style" (with extra tension), and that's it. It takes me 20 to 25 minutes and I've never felt stronger or more energized during the day.

My attitude regarding fitness definitey changed when I turned 40 three years ago. I don't care about lifting heavy or building mass in first place. What for? Nobody I know needs to bench press or squat 200 pounds or more in everyday life. Honestly, when I tried to work up to that in the past, feeling inadequate and vanity reasons were my primary motivation. Reasonable strength, mobility, flexibillity, endurance and positve energy are the way to go for me today. In order to achieve that, nothing beats daily M7, isometrics and push-ups.

John Peterson 02-14-2018 10:21 AM

Hello TimK, Upshur74 and all of Our Friends,

From time to time I receive e-mails from men that have sustained serious injuries and a common theme that I have noticed is how their viewpoint changes and evolves as they mature and experience life.

For example, a week ago I received an e-mail from a man that had been a star running back for Notre Dame in the very late 90's. He told me that he had been scouted by the pro's and that he had an incredible future mapped out for himself but then tragedy struck and his knee was messed up in the second to the last game of the season. He was so macho and high on himself that In spite of the injury, he played in the last game and in that game he sustained a career ending injury. He went on to say that for quite a while he was the macho tough guy telling the world that if he had it to do over again that he would, that he didn't regret anything and added all kinds of other craziness to his rantings. Then after surgery and a certain amount of rehab, he took up bodybuilding and entered the world of chemical enhancement of which he states flatly that there is not, and has not been ANY high level bodybuilders featured in Bodybuilding magazines in the last 50 years that were not taking steroids and other forms of chemical enhancement.

His whole point was to tell me that because he nearly died as the result of a complete liver shutdown that he reassessed his entire life and now at age 41 sees the world from a completely different perspective and that everything we are presenting here on our forum relating to health, strength, and lifelong vitality not only resonates with him but that he has achieved incredible results in regaining his health and sculpting a very lean and very muscular physique with the methods we teach here that he previously thought would have been impossible. After all how could anything that simplistic ever yield that kind of result? He also told me, "I feel very healthy now." He ended up telling me that he can't wait till I get out the new Isometric Power Belt Course but in the meantime he has more than enough to do because he knows that it is the power of the 'mind generated contractions' that are responsible for the results and not what he is working against.

Now..why am I sharing this? Answer, because as we grow and mature through Life experiences we discover that we truly are mortal and that if we want to experience lifelong strength, energy, and pain-free fitness that enhances our lives then it is necessary to train with PROTECTIVE and CORRECTIVE exercise that builds and sustains ALL OF THE MIND/BODY SYSTEMS and does not cause pain and injury. Same goes for our nutrition and even more so for how we take control of our Mind. This brings up a point. The man that I referred to above told me that he had no idea at all, of the level of brainwashing that he had been subjected to until he experienced near death and then shortly after started reading this forum 3 years ago at which time he went from being hostile and thinking that this is all thinking...maybe those guys have a, those guys know what they're talking about...and to finally being one of us. He has discovered that he really is his own best trainer and comes here for interaction and inspiration. He also told me that he has been searching our archives and reading every post from Andy62...he finds great wisdom which I say...WE ALL DO!

---John Peterson

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