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John Peterson 09-20-2018 04:29 PM

My New Transformetrics FaceBook Post
Hey Friends,

A few minutes ago I did a new video clip to share on the Transformetrics FaceBook page.

It was about how to test the strength you develop with Isometrics.

The big problem I had was in not laughing. Sara kept 'cracking me up'

Anyway, I used a Core Prodigy 'Python' Torsion Spring exerciser that my nephew, Duff asked me to try out.

"Uncle John, Is that how your DVR exercises are supposed to feel?" he asked. I tried it and said, "Exactly, only without the exerciser." In truth, it really does work well and 50 years ago my friend Dave Cody had one of those though it wasn't even remotely as high a quality as the one I flexed in the video clip. But getting back to it, this exerciser is a fantastic Isometric 'Fingers, Wrist & Forearm' exerciser because as you flex it the fingers, wrist, and forearms are holding the bar 'isometrically'.

Anyway, I did a fast 20 flexes touching the handles together each time while talking with Sara, And YES, I did it the hard way with may hands at the spring where it is supposedly 100 pounds of resistance. Even though I don't train with that device I can touch the handles together 34 times in succession. The point is my Power Belt Isometrics give me functional strength that is real and useful in the real world.

I hope you liked the clip. let me know.

---John Peterson

John Peterson 09-22-2018 07:41 AM

To The Man that Asked,

No! I don't train with a torsion spring exerciser BUT it does offer a fantastic Isometric component to it because of the grip that has to be sustained during the time that one is flexing it.

As stated above, when you hold the handles as I did in the video clip the resistance is supposed to be at 100. I realize that it sounds like a joke but believe me, it isn't.

When my nephew brought it by he wanted to see what I could do with it.

A great Isometric workout for hands, wrists, and forearms is to hold it at the close grip as I had done and working up to 5 sets of 15 to 20 reps.

---John Peterson

John Peterson 09-24-2018 05:55 PM

Hey Everyone,

A friend stopped by and told me that the way I handled this torsion spring device made it look as though it was 10 pounds of resistance. It wasn't. It was actually 100 pounds of resistance but my Isometric Training made it appear as though it was 10 pounds.

---John Peterson

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