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John Peterson 05-24-2018 12:36 PM

Isometric Squats: Maximum Development
Hello Everyone,

My photographer is awed by my Leg development...No Brag-Just Fact.

He said, " You can see every muscle Fiber right through your skin." He asked me the secret.

Secret: The Isometric "Boot Strap" Contractions. (Dead Lift, Squat, Bent Over Row)

Here is what I mean. Years ago when I was talking with coach James Baley, the originator of his own version of the Isometric power belt and he mentioned to me that for athletes, "Squats with Barbells is the most counterproductive exercise one can do. This is due to compression of the spine and over stressing the ligaments and tendons surrounding and attached to the knees. hips and ankles." He assured me that the best leg development was achieved with Isometric Contraction starting at the very lowest point in the squat and incrementally increasing distance all the way up to a half squat position (90degrees) at which point anything more was a complete waste of time due to leverage taking over."

I think most of you will be awed with the 21 Contractions that comprise the "bootstrap" lifts. They allow you maximum strength and development without compromising connective tissues.

---John Peterson

gbjj 05-26-2018 12:46 PM

I'm keenly interested in leg development at this point, and honestly have always been a bit jealous of folks with well developed things and legs. For me working on adding bulk and strength in this area is all about creating an engine that burns more calories naturally while keeping the trim look, as well as a great injury prevention mechanism for life ( running, back pain etc..)

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