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THESUPERBEAST 03-13-2019 07:42 AM

Time to pushup blitz with a twist
As I come off the Tiger Moves journey for a little while..I got a craving for some pushup actions and squats using minimal sets and as many reps as possible..

My theory is to do 2 to 3 sets per movement, im aiming at 3
I picked out what I personally consider for me to be essential variations and the ones that have given me supierior results through out the years

The aim is to achieve in minimal time what one would spend all day doing mindlessly and aimlessly...

I believe I have constructed a formulation of arrangment to achieve volume, intensity, max natrual muscle formation, stave off minimal time while staying under 600 reps...but still gettimg the same results as if I were doing a 1000 or more...

I believe that after 5 to 600 reps of high volume is the point of diminishing returns...using varying hand positions of course along with partials and full range...steady work rate of minimal rest through out just long enough to let the lactic acid subside..the whole spectrum of muscle strength and endurance factors will be activated

Dare I say flexability will be enhanced due to various hand placement and shoulder articulation points your not just doing hundreds of reps in one or two locked positions but your using full spectrum of varying movement planes same with the squats.

I feel good about it cause its hitting all my requirements for my personal excercise philosophy.

Minimal time
Muscle development
All fitness factors enhanced
Similar results one would get from a longer and more complex workout

Im believing more and more the more condensed and effort put into the workout it takes minimal time for your best results

So anyway heres the workout and arrangement designed to keep the total volume and time down and kinda how ive been doing my pushup programs and variations I feel are essential...and once again its synergistic to keep the volume and time down.

Standard marine style pushup x3
Wide grip push ups x3
Close grip x3
Slant pushups or hands by hips x3
Diamonds x3
Pikes or shoulder press pushups x3
Bench dips and close grip bench dips mixed up x3
Extended arms or gullitione style push ups x3
Bicep pushups with hands turned out or backward

Atlas squatsx3
Sissy squatsx3
Side ninja lunges x3

And Im still trimming the essentials I see a few more I may cut but still feelimg them out

To enhance this routine I do something I call intensity modifiers if I want to increase challenge..

They are doing any variation from a incline
Taking away a leg or points of contact
Instep pushup
Slower full range reps
Fist and fingers
And then yet combining any of those with the inclines

I dont count reps I use the charles atlas method of till tired or ache..not failure

I only rest long enough to catch breath and let lactic acid reside

I do all speeds and range of motions within the three working sets..

I stress its not a routine to go to failure or extreme exhaustion..

Its meant to pump up and activate with a eventual well formed and balanced woody strode said he developed a look...

To me once you develop the look unique to your body type its just routine upkeep

The beauty is the first few variations go quick and towards the end you feel the gravity of situation...but thats how you keep the time down if your not into long workouts...but want a wonderful pump..

And the advanced version of this as I have done in the past

Is add pullups for 2 sets minium
Wide a note I perform arch back pullups its cool because its a combo of a row and a vertical pull its actually the only way I do pullups for width and thickness and its autonomously ingrained.

So yea this is what Ive settled on perpetually for my pushup routine..tried and tested over the years..

Michael Beasley 03-13-2019 12:06 PM

Superbeast, This has much in common to my go to routine. I superset pushups,squats, pullups, and calf raises. If I am doing high volume, I do it every other day or 4 days a week at most. With moderate volume , I do it every day, It works great for me, I need no separate cardio workout. Those exercises do it all. My question for you my brother, is what diet keeps you so lean. I have made great strides in the last few years, and I am lean by most standards , but not like you. I am curious about your diet. Thanks in advance my friend.

THESUPERBEAST 03-13-2019 05:39 PM

Hello Michael these combinations do it all. Im natrually lean and my body just doesnt take on fat. No matter how lazy I body has not changed its look since I was like early 20s.

Im 35 now and look virtually the same in dimensions and look, I believe in being a minimalist eater..I try to eat only things of substance...Im believer in taking in what offers the most life sustaining nutrition profiles in the least amount of volume.

I eat only at one main time a day, 6 Eggs, various canned food combos:
Red, black, garbonzo beans
Canned chicken breast
Canned salmon/or a fish
Mussels frozen sometime or canned
3 packs of instant oatmel
I drink soy and cow milk fairly regulary
I make herbal tea combos using actual herbs like rose, green jasmine, ginseng, white and some others
Mixed using natrual or raw honey

I look at dogs they have all there meal requirements formulated in a can..they wolf it down and be on there way..and remain active and fit till there end days..I look at the beast in the animal kingdom they wolf and go.
Hmm I say

So I buy all my can goods at the dollar store and combine all the beans and meats in a mix and go..Im getting calories protein fiber and essential vitamins and minerals

I also make a supersoildier serum shake
I buy the carnation breakfast powders because they list all the vitamin and mineral profile i mix in creatine and milk and I feel it fills in the in betweens.

I believe if you largely avoid sugars, white bread, sodas, greasy foods, and junk you dont take on superflous flesh.

But I think a secert to perpetual leaness is keeping the muscles in play at odd moments or when think of it i find my self Tiger flexing autonomously while anywhere just some quick power surges while going about my day.

I have taken cues from herschel walker, dr nun amen ra, animals, jack lalanne and various people who eat minimally and sat down and looked at foods I can combine that contain all the essentials. And can be prepared in minimal time and consumed

Also leaness and body composition is a result of mental imagery and lifestyle changes and rituals...A book I like is called TAMING THE DIET goes into the physcology of perpetual fat loss and body comp changes

So yea I dont believe in societal constructs of three meals aday, counting calories and weighing food..Im a big believer in instinct in all I do...And the biofeed back internally and externally

Another secert for natrual weight and energy management is matcha green tea powder hot or cold with honey.

And to fininsh off if Im out and get hungry Ill get a burger or fries..but I get a small or medium and its only rarely sometimes I indulge in fast food but not main and staple diet is as listed above.

THESUPERBEAST 03-13-2019 05:48 PM

Oh to paint the full pitcure I forgot to mention I drain and or rinse the canned goods will greatly reduce the amount of sodium and excess volume..I use a collander or strainer as I mix it up...please excuse my ocd..but If you ask me a question I must point out the details and trivial matters.

Michael Beasley 03-13-2019 07:52 PM

Superbeast, Another great post. I have decreased my volume of reps somewhat myself. I assume that you are much like me, as I like the idea of training every day whenever possible and the reduced reps make that possible for me.

THESUPERBEAST 03-13-2019 11:44 PM

Yes Michael that is it exactly...I added variations that are tougher to cut the volume and make it possible to train evvery day without having to conquer a daunting number of reps..

ezekial1925 03-14-2019 01:00 PM

Hey Superbeast, Your workout routine, knowledge about fitness, etc. is beyond reproach., but I'm a litttle worried about your nutrition, etc. I say this with NO judgement...... You have a LOT of canned protein sources, and Carnation liquid protein mix? un-adulterated garbage! Also, domesticated get their supposed nutritional needs met in a can for the convenience of their owners! They are NOT thriving as they would in a natural habitat. Most dogs die WAY before their time, as do most humans who subsist predominately on canned foods. Dogs are omnivores(different than humans, even though some people posit that we are omnivores; we're not.). They can eat a mix of different foods, but to use canned dog food as a template for proper nutrition and an example to follow is, in my opinion , fool-hardy at best.
Again, I mean no offense. I debated writing anything in fear of offending you or coning across as abrasive or out of line, but I decided to be honest. Every other comment you've ever posted I've loved, but this one I felt is just plain wrong. I'm curious what John thinks. Do you John, think that getting all your nutritional needs in a can a good primer for health and wellness? Again, I am NOT trying to nitpick, etc; it just took me by surprise. Thanks for listening to me ramble, etc.

John Peterson 03-14-2019 08:13 PM

Hello Friends,

It will be soon and you guys will see my pictures at 66, and you will realize that I know and live what we teach right here. I'm saying this for a reason.

Our good friend THE SUPERBEAST is obviously doing a great number of things correctly including his Push-Up Blitz and Nutrition Scorecard.

And to me, knowing what I know, He is eating a great deal healthier than the vast majority of people that think they are but in fact, are not. When I was doing my Doctor of Naturopathy course work I looked into the canned food issue and came away realizing that the vast majority of canned fruits and vegetables including multiple varieties of beans, vegetables, fruit, and mushrooms are canned at the peak of nutrient density and those nutrients are locked in to an extent and are not lost in transit and under hot lights. Hard to believe but TRUE. As far as Albacore Tuna, and Red Sockeye Salmon I have those frequently. The half dozen eggs are also standard for me. The only thing I would highly recommend is adding fresh greens specifically fresh collard or dandelion greens---Superfood. I too am ultra lean and agree with the eating philosophy outlined.

One other thing my friends---This is important---It's not always what you eat that robs your health--Its what's eating you. People that are always uptight or trying to stick it to others have a lot that is eating them.

I also love reading about these high volume super routines and want to remind all of you that Herschel Walker does his extraordinary volume in sets of 25 mixing it up slightly from set to set.

I'm In my 67 year. I now perform all of my sets with a weight vest ranging from 32 to 77 pounds. Nothing infuses blood into the upper body musculature better than the Atlas Variations along with the Tiger Stretch Push-Ups. For me it's Isometrics of all varieties and push-ups of which I only do 100 daily.

I'm looking forward to wrapping everything up and getting it in your hands. And then on to other things. .

---John Peterson

THESUPERBEAST 03-15-2019 02:51 AM

Oh right lets get to the rat killing..Ezekial I absoulty love the allows one to reasses and revisit certain things. What you say your correct in and carries great deal of merit and reflection. Why do I do or we do what we do.

First I wanna clarify the dog eating philosophy...firstly what made start thinking of synergy eating was the book "death taxes and pushups" by Ted Skup...he pointed out how his dog doesnt make eating a event and how every thing he needs is Eaten In one go...and the formulas are scientifically formulated to accomplish just that..I wont disagree or argue about if they reach there max life span and if the can food is a better alternative for them..I have no knowledge in that area so I dont disagree with you there.

What I was eluding to there was I liked the idea of food alchemy bite for bite and I dont like cooking and making eating a event..I also wanted the combination of the mightestist power foods I could combine...I dare any one to find anything close to the power of the three bean trifecta there a swiss army knife of beniefts...but also not im using half can servings of each my servings come to about a full standard size bowl or maybe a lil larger and thats with everything the beans, chicken, salmon or fish, I got a densly packed meal that does the job...along with the eggs and other things I may consume that day

I know you say thats alot of protein..but you gotta remember beans are incomplete proteins...but almost everything we eat contain protein of some sort..but really its the nutrient and antioxidant profile and inherent benefiets that drives my concotion..

And beans take a very long time to prepare and cook like a hour..but to me beans black red and garbonzo are irreplaceable

Eggs once again irreplaceable and I mostly boil them and I got a super food with minimal effort

But you must remember its a synergistic effect it covers all the bases..

I agree with john I defiantly could do to add some fresh leafy greens absoiluy

I dont claim its a perfect diet or superior diet...its a diet born of a person who doesnt like to make preparing and sittimg to eat three times aday.

So like john ive done years of research and reading firsthand accounts particualry on meal a day diets..canned food pros and cons..etc..

Ive done the healthy frozen dinners as my routine like marie callenders or devour hungry man etc..and I loved the convience and they covered the macros and micros

Another ritual sometime was 5 to 6 scrambeled eggs on extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil and mix in mishrooms, onions, tomatos, canned chicken, garlic...thats another super entree

Also another thing I will do is organic pizza diets..with all the with vegatables spinach tomato meat has a high health profile..I would one pizza as a meal
Alomg with water and milk cow or simple high calorie and protein

Also remember I drink strongly brewed herbal teas which in my mind counteracts alot toxins and protects cells..I used actual herbs from a natrual herb store

I also take some pills like creatine and fish oil vitamin d beet root

Which brimgs me to why I started buying the carnation breakfast powders its basically a multivitamin and a way to add more calories and protein I mixed in creatine and milk.

You know I dont disagree with you on it being garbage Sometimes I wonder the same thing...but I was taking over 20 pills took me like 5minutes I asked how can I reduce this volume of intake..I went with the carnation I feel it may be more pure than what supplement companies push and they add in so much stuff in those powders I dont need..and Its a so much less expensive...

Once again to me the syngerstic effects of my intake supplements and food negate the need for alot of high dollar products...

Also heres another secert you want a super pump beet juice..and. Yes i eat and drink it from the can...but Beets are very powerful for muscle and pump and they can test yoir rate of digestion its called the beet test...they produce nitric oxide precursors

By the time I consume all this I have all the things in my system that are at least minimally required...and I havent bought any superduper supplements

Also a odd time favorite of mine is three packs of instant oatmeal..I know the steel quaker oats is better...but theres still merit in the instant more sugars admittedly but its not daily and only once a day if I do.

Another favorite is movie theater buttery popcorn

Im not a strict eater no way..but I make it a point to try to get the powerhouses consumed

So my point in all this..I dont really trust anything and have faith its 100percent no matter what your diet...unless your in field and you pluck it plant it and grow it and kill it..All this stuff is tainted and thats jist the reality...Were in a corrupt food and drug industry with a alot of technicalitiees that allow things to pass inspection..conflicting reports for both sides

So In MY mind I combat that by eating minimally taking herbs very very moderate fast food consumption..

I cant sit and live in anxiety over what poisins and impuritys lurk of course theres some level no doubt

Also I was asked what my diet was so its jist how I do it right now...I dont push nutrition and food habits I rarely talk about because my eating is esoteric and a experiment of one I could be wrong..I could be right..I only responded to a question on the matter

And your right I researched the heck oit of BPA that leeches...I researched the heck out of soy milk and cow milk...I researched the heck out herbs concotions and tea benifiets so I can make the best informed decisions for my self and also for the time and money im willimg to spend...and for that theres gonna be give and take absoulutly

But you did make me revisit some boiling and freezing my beans with enough servings to last weeks i would also buy maybe more frozen quick fix meats thats already cooked and I do actually cook salmon and talipoa fillets sometimes when I go through cooking basically I would buy all the things I get from the can cook and freeze in premade containers where I would just heat and go...and for thay I thank you

I also have started drinking boost in lew of the carnation for the calores and vitamin profile i mix my creatime in that bottle and I have another supersoilder serum...its my experiment I like I dont have to mix powders and boosts to my knowledge have good reviews..its worth the few extra dollars more for convenence...Ill drink two to three aday...only mix the creatime in one serving...I feel this fillsbin the in betweens..

But I do agree with John I plan on adding greens on a more consistent basis..I go through phases where I became like a rabbitt bit im not consostent duly noted

Also I agree with John on Soy milk I still drink it but not as mich due to the Boosts..even thoigh they have soy as does the carnation...Im 50 50 on it a lot of reports for it and alot against it...but to me Soy has always been a superdrink well because of what it contains..Im open to enlighten ment on it though

Once again my diet worried me so I put it on the scales of justice and going devil may care with yea no offense at all...and I believe if a man got somethong to say and he could help and enlighten someone he should fill them lungs up and airem out. I hope to just always be told straight up what is and we can then talk about

lionking 03-16-2019 07:50 AM

Super beast, your diet is probably better than most Americans. One statement you made caught my eye. The concept of complete vs. incomplete protein is interesting. Although some foods have more amino acids than others, i believe that if we eat a variety of foods then our intestines keep a " slush fund" of amino acids to combine with the current meal to make up for deficiencies. I believe cottage cheese has the best amino acid profile. One extremely valuable resource I use is it is a nonprofit site which analyzes different studies.
I also have a weakness for buttery movie popcorn:tongue:

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