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John Peterson 12-26-2019 09:04 PM

A Big Thank You to Free...
Hello Friends,

Free posted the following link:

And I hope each of you will watch it carefully because it has great information.

I checked things out further and the bottom line is that what Dr. John Jaquish states is very much in line with some of the conversations that I had with Coach James Baley back in 1990. Coach Baley stated that when using weights you are basically limited to a weight that is the upper limit of the weakest point in any given range of motion UNLESS you are doing cheating exercises in which case you are setting yourself up for severe injury much as Dr. Jaquish is stating in some of the other videos.

The way Coach Baley got around the disparity in strength within any range of motion was to utilize Isometric Contraction going to your absolute maximum in at least 3-positions in any given range of motion so that you are at max at the beginning where you are at your weakest, and then to the max at the mid-range where you are stronger and finally max at just short of lockout where you are at your strongest. In each position within any given motion, you go to your absolute maximum. The point I'm making is that I fully understand what Dr. Jaquish is stating and agree with him. I just have a little different approach to accomplishing the same objective.

There is one other thing that I find appalling and that is that in some of the comments on the videos there were people making really twisted comments because they thought that Dr. Jaquish was putting down their chosen method of training. The truth is that he wasn't doing that at all but rather stating what he believed to be the safest and best way to achieve a maximum of strength in total safety. There were several that were making rude comments about steroids as well.

Here's the deal if you listen to the man's logic about how to become extremely strong with the utmost safety I don't see what there is to be arguing about. Over the years I have talked with dozens and dozens of busted up weight lifters including my friend Jack King. The big issue with weights is that you are using unrelenting gravity and it compresses the spine as nothing else does as well as overstresses one's joints. Nonetheless, everyone should train the way they want to train. There is no doubt in my mind that his method is far safer and would allow going to your maximum in total safety while alone. That's something I would not recommend that you do with the bench press, squat or deadlift with weights if you are alone. Yet you can safely go to your max with Isometrics or Dr. Jaquish's method and best of all you can be done in less than 20 minutes total.

I personally think Dr. Jaquish is very knowledgeable and has everyone's best interest at heart.

Here is another very interesting video about Dr. Jaquish's method. It's obvious to me that his method accomplishes the same thing that I am after with the Power Belt Isometrics and that is an extreme hormone stimulus. Anyway, check this out it is very enlightening:

---John Peterson

Free 12-28-2019 06:56 PM

You are welcome John, I hesitated to post something that might be competitive with what you have developed, but I can see, especially from your post on Isometrics being superior in some ways, that there is room for both techniques, and I will be using the static contraction method as well in my routine.

John Peterson 12-29-2019 02:04 PM

Hello Again Free,

We need to be open to posting appropriate links and the one you posted about Dr. John Jaquish certainly was and is appropriate.

One of the things Dr. Jaquish emphasizes is that one can achieve maximum hypertrophy by performing a single maximum volume set when the combination of intensity and volume are right. And something that I see people totally missing when watching his video clips is the fact that the way Dr. Jaquish trains is to turn each and every exercise into a full body exercise. For example, with the Standing Chest Press Dr Jaquish is engaging his entire body in an Isometric Contraction by Isometrically stabilizing the entire body while performing what appears to be a standing bench press BUT it is far more than a bench press as each and every muscle is engaged with special emphasis on the entire upper body. This is why Dr. Jaquish's method can deliver a complete and comprehensive workout in total safety at just 10 to 15 minutes. Very seriously, if you were to listen closely to everything Dr. Jaquish states its almost an exact mirror of what we have been stating here for several years.

This also brings up something else that I want to clarify. In a recent post 'ware' was saying that it was admirable that I could change my opinion about intensity being more important that volume. The thing that 'ware' and everyone else seems to miss is that I was not contradicting myself at all. I grew up on the Charles Atlas methods and I had lots and lots of people thinking I had to be a weight lifter to be as developed as I was but I was using only high volume Charles Atlas exercises and creating a fantastic pump but it was very time consuming to train that way. Unfortunately I did not have a way to create added intensity with my Atlas exercises though oftentimes I wished that I did. Had I had access to the weight vest then, that I do now. I know I would have been working towards sets of 50 reps or more and increasing the resistance in the vest every time that it became comfortable to do sets of 50 or more reps. That would have been far more efficient than performing the hundreds of reps per set that I was performing of Atlas Push-Ups. This was brought up to me a decade ago when people asked me why I was recommending 300 or more Atlas Push-Ups whereas Big Jim Forystek recommended only 100 at the advanced level of his Power Flex course and the truth was that I often responded by saying that Big Jim was correct up to a point with 100 reps. Because you absolutely will enhance your physique in a big way by getting to the point that you can do a single set of 100 Atlas Push-Ups. I have no doubt about that at all. BUT once you have hit 100 consecutive and can do so daily without extreme fatigue you need to do something to increase the stimulus in order to take your development beyond that point. In my mind the best way to accomplish that would be to start out with a light weight vest and rebuild to the point that you would accomplishing your 100 reps while wearing the weight vest and constantly adding to it until you reached your desired point in development. Believe me, if a trainee were to do that one thing alone it would be the way to take my Transformetrics Training System or Big Jim's Powerflex (Flexercise) System to an entirely new level. This is exactly what I see Dr. John Jaquish accomplishing with his method.

A big plus that I see is that by using the bands in the way that Dr. Jaquish advises you will not be creating the muscle tears that happened with weight training. Why would that be the case? Because in weight training most men would try to use the heaviest possible weights as was constantly advised in the magazines and the muscle tears happened as a result of using weights that were too heavy at the beginning of a movement but just right for bodybuilders that focused on the mid-range of a movement. Over the years I saw a great many men that I knew develop injuries such as bad shoulders (torn rotator cuff), bad elbows, bad wrists, bad knees, bad hips. and bad backs that were all caused by trying to use the heaviest stimulus possible. What is clearly evident to me is that Dr. Jaquish has created a way to get all the best benefits of weight training while eliminating the negative consequences. He has obviously struck a raw nerve with some of weight lifting fraternity that view him as criticizing their methods though I don't view it that way at all.

Truth to tell, since he incorporates Isometric contraction into every exercise that he teaches I think that we have a lot in common with him.

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