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JoeJustice 10-24-2008 08:38 AM

How do you integrate DVRs, DSRs and ISOs?
I've recently been focusing on integrating DVRs, DSRs and ISOs into my workouts along with powercals. I've found that DVRs, DSRs and ISOs make for really good "finishing" moves. Try this circuit out to see what I mean, don't pause between exercises:

20 Atlas Push-Ups
10 Chin-Ups
5 Flex and Press

(The Flex and Press a DVR/Powerflex I use. First you flex your biceps like a double bicep pose, using DVR resistance and holding it as tightly as you can for a couple of seconds at peak contrations. Then turn your hands out flat and push them to the side as if you're standing between two objects and pushing them away. Do the flex and press in a smooth motion maintaining tension in both directions, on the final rep you can hold each at peak contractions for 7-10 seconds.)

Run through this simple, little circuit and I guarantee you'll get a killer pump in your arms!


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