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sixmillionman 07-29-2020 03:06 PM

john I asked you a while back have you heard from andy since he moved away.its weird we do not hear him on the forum anymore.

blackbelt 07-30-2020 06:45 AM


Thank you for bringing Andy up. I think about him often, though it's usually when I'm driving and cannot post/ask about it.

Rob (aka blackbelt)

sixmillionman 08-10-2020 03:09 PM

nobody answered about andy

EveningWind 08-11-2020 03:06 PM

Perhaps John is going through things in life and just skipped a question about someone who doesn't log in anymore.

John Peterson 08-19-2020 12:25 PM

Hello Sixmillion,

Andy62, Moved from Oregon to Texas more than a year ago and I have not heard from him in many, many months. I hope he is doing great. He has been missed.

---John Peterson

blackbelt 08-20-2020 08:09 AM

I hope he is well, and that the COVID chaos just has him tied up.

He's made many nice contributions to the forum over the years.

sixmillionman 08-20-2020 03:33 PM

thanks john,i hope you and everyone is ok.

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