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John Peterson 01-12-2018 11:00 AM

The Return of The Gladiators
Hello Everyone,

This is almost hard to believe. No doubt someone will die as a result.

---John Peterson

Andy62 01-12-2018 01:32 PM

Interesting history :

ezekial1925 01-13-2018 08:39 AM

Absolutely crazy...

bennyb 01-14-2018 04:46 PM

From the backyard to the pro ranks, this type of wrestling isn't that big of having a comeback. It's just pure brutality for entertainment to those who have no clue what wrestling is anymore. From that clip, that's nowhere near as brutal as the guys in Japan have done. It's mainly a type of wrestling reliving close to the ECW Days in philadelphia where guys like Sandman, the Dudleys, Rob Van Dam & Sabu were doing this stuff weekly.

Bloody matches have been around since the early days of Wrestling in the TV era with guys like Freddie Blassie, Dick Murdock, Superstar Billy Graham and the worst of them all Abdullah The Butcher. The bloodiest matches I've witnessed was from a tape in Japan where American and Japanese wrestlers fought on Barb Wire Ropes, "C-4" platforms, glass and spiked tables. The bloodiest was the main event with Mick Foley (as Cactus Jack just before coming to WWE) and the former NWA champion Texan Terry Funk where foley literally walked to the ring covered in red during his entrance.

This type of wrestling is nothing more than human cockfighting with tools that are not meant to be used on the human body. Is it entertaining at times? Sure, I don't mind it every now and then but if the majority of your matches where your death certificate is in your wallet for every match, that's a little over the top. It's more to poke at the old adage of throwing christians to the lions and the lion is turned on by the sight of blood.

lionking 01-14-2018 08:50 PM

If someone has a high pain tolerance and likes to entertain then UFC would be the way to go, but judging from their physiques those folks don't spend much time training.

Andy62 01-16-2018 01:30 PM

There is something in human nature that is attracted to this stuff and seeks it out. Perhaps some unevolved part of the human personality. Consider the success of violent movies.

I am not a professional wrestling fan,but every once in a while when I am flipping around the tube
I come across a televised professional wrestling match The stadiums are always packed. the crowds are huge, and those tickets aren't cheap. I have read that some of their audiences exceed the Super Bowl..

The promoters have discovered something in human nature and made a fortune with it.

Like the book title,"The Magic Power Of Emotional Appeal"

gbjj 01-17-2018 05:14 AM


Originally Posted by Andy62 (Post 107880)
There is something in human nature that is attracted to this stuff and seeks it out. Perhaps some unevolved part of the human personality.

Man's base nature since the fall in the garden...

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