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John Peterson 06-12-2019 11:53 AM

The Missing Classic of Physical Culture...
Hello My Friends,

I have been committed to Physical Culture since my rehab from polio when I was 7 years old. From that time on I was always asking my grandfather and uncles about the best ways to become strong and healthy. Along the way I had the good fortune to be able to view my Grandfather's collection of Physical Culture Books, Encyclopedias and Magazines that were published by Bernarr MacFadden and believe me, McFadden was light years ahead of his time. McFadden even repurposed Alois P Swoboda's 'Conscious Evolution' mail order course that he then presented in his own book titled, 'Muscular Power and Beauty' in 1905. Seventeen years later it was reintroduced to the world in 1922 as the Charles Atlas Course. This was pointed out to me by my Grandfather who showed me side by side that MacFadden's book and Atlas's course had exactly the same exercises.

As relates to physical culture there was a gem that was first published in 1934 and that was republished repeatedly up to 1964 by S. Arthur Devan that clearly states exactly how to achieve and maintain maximum physical strength and vigor without relying on a specific set of exercises but instead observing the 'Habits' that were outlined in Edwin Checkley's 'Natural Method of Physical Training'. This book contains the 'Mother lode' we've all sought and I will be re-publishing it. Stay tuned there will be a lot more to come.

---John Peterson

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