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John Peterson 07-10-2020 01:34 PM

Keeping What You Have Without The Gym
Hello Everyone,

Earlier today I was talking with a man that told me that he has gained 27 pounds since the COVID-19 Plandemic shut down all gyms. He asked me what it is that I personally do each day and what I would recommend that he should do.

I told him that I have a foundation Strength & Fitness Circuit that I do daily and that it is fantastic for keeping everything you have attained and that it is easy to expand upon IF you feel a need to do so.

First off, I warm up with the Full Body Isometric Contraction 3X. Then I perform my Isometric exercises for 10 intense minutes and then I perform the Living Strength Power Circuit Routine that I learned from Dr. Morehouse.

It goes like this:

50 Living Strength Push-ups (1-Minute)
100 Crunching Sit-Ups (4-minutes)
50 Living Strength Push-Ups (1-Minute)
12" Stair-Stepping intervals 40 to 60 steps per minute (12 Minutes)
50 Living Strength Push-Ups (1-Minute)
100 Crunching Sit-Ups (4-Minutes)
50 Living Strength Push-Ups (1-minute)

Total Time for the above routine 24 Minutes.

Add Milo to Finish Total Upper Body: 20 Repetitions Each arm followed by 15 Repetitions each arm.

Total Time with Milo 28 minutes

---John Peterson

TimK 07-12-2020 10:37 AM

It obviously works for you, but I thought that I should get a "pump" going first, before I did my Isometrics. I guess you want to do your Isometrics while you are totally fresh. I worry about pulling a muscle. Maybe I will try it your way.


blackbelt 07-14-2020 06:54 AM


We have to remember that John has been at this for a loooong time.

I believe that he's active enough throughout the day, to be "warmed up" by most standards, all the time.

Also, he's been working ISO's for some time, and I'm sure he doesn't go from zero to sixty immediately.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Rob (aka blackbelt)

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