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John Peterson 12-27-2019 05:08 PM

Time Duration of Isometric Contraction...
Hello Everyone,

To answer the question, "How long does an Isometric Contraction have to last to achieve maximum benefit?'

It seems that 5-seconds is the length of duration advocated at this present time BUT 60 years ago at the Max Planck Institue in Dortmund, Germany the recommended time was stated at 6 seconds at an intensity that exceeded 2/3 of maximum strength for any given contraction.

In more contemporary times Steve Justa has stated his experiences with contractions of a few seconds to those lasting several minutes. The truth is that when it comes to isometrics you're best off experimenting with different durations and following your own intuition.

For me personally, I like the 3 stage contraction that Solytrain learned from the Mighty Atom. It's the best way to achieve both the strength benefits of Isometrics and the body sculpting benefits of a great pump.

---John Peterson

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