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John Peterson 01-15-2020 07:25 PM

Chuck Norris Program from 1983.
Hello Everyone,

A man sent me an e-mail describing a book that he purchased from 1983 by Chuck Norris. Its title is "Toughen Up". He tells me there is an excellent section on Isometrics that require just a martial arts training belt. Other than that he said its pretty standard training exercises but that Chuck does say that Isometrics will dramatically increase your strength and add a little bit of size though they will make your muscles incredibly hard and well defined. In other words, Chuck Norris says the same thing that we have been stating here about Isometrics ALTHOUGH you will all discover that you really can increase your size and muscularity in a dramatic way by incorporating certain angles and protocols.

---John Peterson

kenpopaul 01-16-2020 06:42 AM

I have that book somewhere!! I will have to have a look when I get all my books out of starage

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