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John Peterson 06-24-2019 08:22 AM

Can You Handle The Truth?
Hello Friends,

From the time we are born and beginning to learn we are given information that we believe to be true because we trust and believe those from whom it came.

BUT from time to time we come face to face with 'A TRUTH' that proves that what we were programmed to believe is completely wrong.

What then? How do you handle it? That is a good question that only YOU can answer for yourself.

As an example of what I am referring to I invite you to watch this extraordinary video from Michael Tellinger.

This video deals with wide ranging topics that challenge the foundation of many of our beliefs that have been force fed to us from birth. Bottom line: Don't be afraid to question anything. There are things that many of us have believed to be true based on incomplete information. It changes everything when we receive the truth.

---John Peterson

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