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NO Lies, Distortions, or Half Truths
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07-08-2019, 05:07 PM
Hello Friends,

When I started this forum 16 years ago I didn't know the first thing about how to run a forum in which respect shown to each other was paramount. As a result, there were those that logged in only to be contradictory. Nowadays, people like that are history and they will remain history on our next incarnation of The Living Strength Forum.

This brings up the following...

As soon as I have the money in hand for the new website that will have the most recent advances in technology I am convinced that we will be ready to take off into an entirely new realm of Physical Culture.

More than anything I want for our new website and forum to become a place known for honesty and the fact that we won't be publishing anything that is not true or cannot be substantiated or authenticated. My goal is for us to stand out as the forum and company that can be relied upon for discovering the truth. YES, we will have a forum but we will be running it correctly from the very beginning so that there are no Wiley Coyotes or troglodytes allowed to post from the very beginning.

As I was thinking about this intently, I was reminded that back when I was in my early teens and moving forward through my teens into my twenties there was a bodybuilding magazine that had an impeccable reputation for delivering the truth about weight lifting and bodybuilding. That magazine was 'Iron Man' published by Peary Rader of Alliance, Nebraska. Unlike the other big 3 of their time that included Joe Weider, Bob Hoffman, and Dan Lurie, Peary Rader's magazine featured articles from many different sources and never got into the bodybuilding politics of the time. It was a magazine devoted to a realistic approach to strength and exercise. It wasn't a 'house organ' as the other three magazines had become that sold their equipment and supplements on each and every page with high-pressure sales techniques in every article written Not only that but Iron Man clearly did not have any of the ridiculous supposed training routines that the bodybuilding Superstars of other magazines followed. In fact, Iron Man was so honest that it was the only bodybuilding magazine that showed respect to Charles Atlas and did not try to tell you that Charles Atlas development came from weights instead of Dynamic Tension.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I want you to understand that as we move forward our goal will
be to offer the best real-world advice and routines to be found anywhere.

---John Peterson

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