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Not a Rant; Some Honest IT Questions
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07-08-2019, 11:34 AM
John, through a vast amount of experimentation, I have discovered that I can read posts here (and hopefully create this post) in the following manner.

1 - click on post
2 - get the error message Cannot decode raw data
3 - ignore the error message; leave the tab open and go do something else
4 - usually in 15-30 minutes I can reload the page and it will open to the desired post

This is my first attempt to create a post. Yes, I clicked New Topic and then waited 30 minutes and am now typing my post. No doubt I will have to wait that long before finding out if it worked. And wait again, if I attempt to reply.

Surely, John, this experience is not up to the standards of excellence you set for your business, self or communicating with those of us who appreciate your endeavors. Long ago you mentioned the need for a new site/forum. When, John?

You also have a Facebook page. I yearned for information about progress toward a new forum and, of course, regarding the ISO Powerbelt Manual. Going to the Facebook page and posting questions has been fruitless, John, as there have been no updates since some time in 2018! Facebook, being social media, is a transactional site. Better not to have a page than to ignore it, in my opinion.

Again, I am not ranting. I am personally curious about your plans going forward. I want to resume dialogue about your ideas in the physical fitness culture. I have purchased the new Belt and have feedback I'd like to share. I'm sure others do, too. The exchange of experiences here has always been superb and rewarding. You've talked of Live Seminars online to instruct folks in the proper use of the ISO Power Belt. There seems to be so much just around the corner, but yet out of reach for those of use with these technical IT barriers.

Please address these issues, John. I can't promise to be able to respond, but I will read the responses, in due time.
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