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World's Strongest Man "Forget Dead Lifts"
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07-10-2019, 11:52 AM
Hello Everyone,

I was talking to a close friend and he told me about a video clip of Joe Rogan's featuring Robert Oberst who is among the world's Strongest men if not "THE STRONGEST MAN". I got a kick out of my friend telling me, "It's a great clip John, but he uses language a minister wouldn't want to hear." I laughed and told him, "Tom, c'mon, I've heard those words before and there was a time in my own life that I used to use them quite often. So don't worry about it."

Anyway friends, It IS a great interview and Robert Oberst uses the "F" word in such a way that you can see that it is just a standard part of his vocabulary and he is not the least bit aware of what he is saying and he is clearly not trying to be vulgar. He actually had me laughing with the way he was talking. He was just being straight from the shoulder. Let me also say that at 400 pounds this guy is one of the most massively developed human beings on the planet. I can't remember seeing traps that huge on anybody. And for what it's worth, in my opinion, those guys that compete in this competition that tests strength from every conceivable angle really are the world's strongest men. The levels of chemicals these guys use must be unreal.

Anyway--Here is the clip:

Oberst tells Rogan not to deadlift and states that it messes up more weight lifters and athletes than just about anything else.

This brings up a point. The only way that You can Deadlift to your maximum in absolute safety is with the Power Belt. With the Iso-Power Belt, you can literally pull up with just as much intensity as if you had actual weight BUT You do not have gravity pulling back. As a result, you can go to your maximum in 100% safety. I even have a friend that surpassed his best deadlift by breaking the 400-pound barrier and he didn't do deadlifts with weights for over six months. He just did power belt deadlifts and then started testing himself with a friend. He had never broken 400 pounds prior to that lift.

---John Peterson

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