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Weapon X IS BACK
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07-11-2012, 09:46 AM
Wednesday July 11,2012

100 Jumping Jacks
100 Liederman Pushups
50 Kisha Crunching Sit Ups

30 Step Ups/ 15 Burpees (non pushup variety) x 7 rounds

50 Kisha Crunching Sit Ups (broken up 35, 15)
50 Atlas 2 Pushups (broken up 35, 15)

30 minutes

I was going to change my whole system up, but since reading about the G.U.T.S. program while away on Martha's Vineyard last month I have been using it daily and only really varying the "cardio break" portion. While I was away i did the traditional step ups and added in some jump rope, which really gets the heart rate up and torches fat. I really like it, its simple, result producing, brief and open to some fun variance during the cardio portion.

Im WeaponX (wolvernine from Marvel Comics codename). Im now almost 38 years old. I stand 5'6" and weight between 190 to 200 (get the wolverine reference?). From 93 to 99 I was a US Marine. In 2000 I became a police officer, working my way from rookie, to field training officer to SWAT member, to road corporal to my present position of Detective.

My main goals are to increase stamina, lose fat and build natural muscle not supplement inflated bulk. Like the look of a middle weight boxer as opposed to a steroid using bodybuilder.

I love training daily and get it in whenever I can.

Back in the early 2000's I came across this site and purchased PYTP and employed it as I used bodyweight exercises almost exclusively my whole life. Back then I was big on posting here. I had my dalliances with Crossfit and Kettlebells which did nothing much more than ruin my lower back and shoulders. So I'm happy to be back and employing the things I have learned from John, things I have learned from other friends and my own take on everything.

If any of you read this, please feel free to comment.

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