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The Eight Atlas Perpetual Lesson Exercises
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02-23-2018, 07:35 PM
Hey Friends,

A man that has read my posts about my grandfather and Uncle Wally starting me out with the Atlas Perpetual Lesson for three months before doing the main course. He wonders what kind of results one would achieve from following that course exclusively. Answer: Fantastic!

Once again here are the exercises:

1) Atlas 1 Push-up (Between two chairs and feet on the floor)

2) Full Range Sit-Up (Touching Forehead of chin to Knees)

3) Full Range Leg Raise (touching toes to floor above head)

4) Atlas Balance Squats

5) Side Bends & Trunk Circles

6) Self Resistance Biceps & Triceps Exercise

7) Multi Plane Neck Movement

8) Calf Raises

The best way to accomplish 200 reps of each exercise is to perform Circuits of all 8 exercises.

For example lets say you are breaking in to this routine. If you are already in good shape 5 Circuits morning and evening of 10 repetitions each for a total of 100 repetitions of each exercise is absolutely doable. You then gradually build up to 5 sets of 20 reps of each exercise (morning and night) performed circuit style with no rest between exercises. This does not take much time.

Once you have mastered circuits of 20 you can take it from there at your own pace.

Trust me on this it isn't rocket science but when you are at 200 reps each day of each of the eight exercises you WILL be in really good shape compared to the average person and when yo are knocking of sets 50> Atlas Push-Ups and doing 5 to 10 sets daily you'll be in exceptional shape.

---John Peterson
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