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The Isometric Power Belt Course
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06-18-2019, 04:36 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am now finishing the "Living Strength Master Level Training System" and the truth is that this may be the last course that I ever write on the topic of physical training and self-mastery.

Yes, WE are talking about The Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Training System but SO much more.

In addition to the Isometric Power Belt, I have incorporated Living Strength Power Secrets Nutrition into the MASTER LEVEL SYSTEM which is a separate volume of its own for the purpose of helping you become totally 'Jacked' and staying that way for life. I am in my 67th year that ends October 25th and I have a 'ripped' muscular body that is ultra lean and incredibly strong. I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING and I AM THE LIVING PROOF OF IT'S EFFECTIVENESS.

But it DOESN'T end there. In addition to the Isometric Power Belt Training System and Hormone Boosting Nutrition Secrets, I am also releasing My COMPLETE COURSE in ISO-DYNAMIC TENSION. Why? Because I have received many questions about how to incorporate Dynamic exercises for achieving total strength and fitness that will go the distance for your entire life. YES, YOU CAN achieve sensational results from Isometrics alone. IF YOU ARE LIMITED ON TIME, YOU CAN'T DO BETTER. BUT with THE LIVING STRENGTH MASTER LEVEL TRAINING SYSTEM you will also have the COMPLETE method for infusing highly oxygenated blood into your muscles in order to keep them supple, flexible and Young for life. This course is modeled off of the original Charles Atlas Course and Pushing Yourself to Power but rather than teaching high volume alone I am teaching how to incorporate a weight vest in order to achieve sensational results in a fraction of the time. After you achieve a certain point of development with Iso-Dynamic Tension Exercises the only way to maintain progress is to resort to 'High Volume Workouts' or to go with brief, intense workouts using a Weight Vest or by incorporating Super Slow Training.(I'm not wired for Super Slow Training and that is why I use a Weight Vest). As many of you know I personally followed the high volume Atlas method for many years and it gave me great results BUT IT WAS TIME-CONSUMING. I personally believe that you can accomplish the same level of physique enhancement using short intense sets with Weight Vest enhanced free hand exercises based on my own experience and for that reason I am showing you how.

Bottom Line: I've got everything out of the way and I am focused on finishing the Course as soon as possible.

---John Peterson
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