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The New Power Belt Course
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05-16-2019, 12:04 PM
Hello Everyone,

I hate to have to confess that I am still working on completing the New Isometric Power Belt Course but I am. I have no excuses. I am doing my best to complete it to the standard that it needs to be and I am close to completion. I apologize to one and all for the delay.

How much longer?

Once I can focus on it without being distracted it will take me about a week. That's it.

In the meantime use the exercises as found in the original Isometric Power Belt Course that are included with the new belt. Those exercises are great and extremely effective as Coach James Baley stated.

Also, when you order the new Belt or Course I am automatically including the Ultimate Push-Ups book so that you have a guide to achieving a fantastic pump (just in case you are not interested in the 5-6-7 three stage Iso-contraction). Push-Ups can be done in conjunction with Isometrics to achieve a truly sensational pump.

Once again, I am sorry that I have not yet been able to send the new course. If you want to vent please send me a private e-mail.

---John Peterson
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05-28-2019, 04:33 AM
Hi John

It's been a long wait! but so looking forward to the new course and I am sure it will be well worth the wait!

- Kenpopaul
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