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02-06-2019, 01:25 PM
Hello Everyone,

On another thread, I mentioned that a medical doctor friend of mine asked if I might be interested in experiencing an Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. He sent me an article that I posted on the other thread. I responded by telling him about things that are light years beyond as I will share below.

Before I go any further let me be very clear about something. Taking hallucinogens to induce altered states of consciousness is what the Bible refers to as 'sorcery' and it is forbidden in scripture. Truth to tell, it doesn't matter whether the sorcerer is a Harvard trained Timothy Leary or s rain forest sorcerer/shaman educated in the Amazon, the result of using chemicals to expand awareness can take a person into the realms of the demonic and that in fact, has happened many, many times. DON'T DO IT!!!

What I am fascinated by are the natural methods of tapping into the God-ordained supernatural levels of human potential and performance that don't rely upon drugs or chemicals. A good example of what I am referencing can be found right here and it is something that I have been and am practicing daily.

The last week has given me an extraordinary opportunity to experiment with the methods outlined above. For example last Wednesday at 6 A.M. I experienced 30 below zero in running shorts for a little over 5 minutes before my wife saw me sitting in 'Lotus posture' and demanded that I come into the house, "Johnny are you crazy? The wind chill is 57 Below zero--Get in here--NOW!!!" She meant it in love so I complied.

---John Peterson
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