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Why I Teach Daily Exercise
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02-11-2019, 09:50 AM
Hello Everyone,

I've been asked the question about whether or not 'daily exercise' is the "Master Method" for achieving Lifelong Strength, Super Health and Total Rejuvenation.

The man asking the question comes from a bodybuilding background and has come to our methods as a result of a series of chronic injuries that he has sustained during the past 15 years. Though only 32 years of age he is having a difficult time with the concept of training the entire muscle structure on a daily basis with Iso-Dynamic Tension(IDT) exercises. I understand his dilemma. The idea behind the standard body building protocols in general (though they do vary) is to break down the muscle tissue through extremely intense exercise and then to rest it in order to let it rebuild with even greater strength before exercising it again and then continuing the process of breakdown and rebuilding. (Friends, once again I am speaking in very broad terms here) as relates to injury, it is not unusual in the least for such methods to eventually lead to injury. For example, once when I was talking with Jack King he told me as a matter of fact that standard methods of lifting heavier and heavier weights ultimately leads to injury and that in his words, "Is inevitable."

Needless to say, the methods I promote here are not extreme though they will build a sculpted beautifully balanced physique and great functional strength when utilizing the Isometric Contraction protocols.

So what is the answer. Yes! I believe daily exercise is essential for retaining or regaining super health and youthfulness as well as healing existing injury but it is the way it is applied that makes all of the difference. a moderate level of resistance is necessary to challenge the muscles in order to maintain strength. This is something that everyone needs to discover for themselves.

The following philosophy is why I believe in daily exercise .

To know how to keep physically young, you should know why you grow old. Scientists have concluded that the average human body is composed of more than 30 trillion minute microscopical bodies which medical science terms 'cells'. These cells come into being through the air you breathe, the liquid you drink, the food you eat, and the thoughts you think. Then by the marvelous process of digestion and assimilation are converted into energy and cellular tissue. Having come into being, these minute cells live their brief life and then die just as you and I must die, and having become dead matter must be eliminated from the system. If not, they clog up the system and impede it's structure and functions. Under these circumstances the body rapidly deteriorates, the muscles not being properly nourished, shrink and the signs of age appear. If this clogging waste matter can be effectively removed and eliminated from the body, then the conditions of youth will return. This can never be accomplished by pharmaceutical means, Nature alone provides the method. It lies in the alternate contraction and relaxation of the muscles throughout the body. In that way you force out from the body any waste matter which may have deposited into the vascular and glandular system, and it is then carried off by the ordinary bodily excretions. Any muscle or set of muscles exercised at the correct level of intensity will increase in size, strength, and elasticity, and will finally and practically be rejuvenated. This being true of one muscle it is true of all and as all parts of the body work in synergy with each other, any adjacent gland or organ will be benefited as well. Therefore if all parts of the structure are exercised in this fashion, on a daily basis a general rejuvenation results.

The method outlined above can best be accomplished with Iso-Dynamic Tension Exercises such as Tiger Moves. But it can also be accomplished through a comprehensive program of isometric contractions such as Isometric Power Flex exercises or Classic Isometric Exercises practiced with or without the Isometric Power Belt.

---John Peterson
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02-11-2019, 01:31 PM
Positive Thinking with tension !
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02-14-2019, 08:26 AM
My daily workouts (3 times a week twice a day) keep me energized and able to deal with the long hours as a coach and teacher. It helps me deal with the 100s of decisions I must make at a moments notice and deal with all kinds of personalities.
Seen some great gains with the Iso Belt and some coaches are intrigued when they see me using it.

I think combing body weight and isos is the way to go. I do run about 3 days a week 3 to 4 miles with some 3x200 cutdowns.

"The really great man, is the man who makes every man feel great"
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