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John, Was Jim Forystek a Weightlifter?
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07-12-2019, 04:38 PM
Hello My Friends,

First off, I don't understand the fixation this guy has that keeps asking me questions about Jim Forystek. Once again he asked me if Big Jim ever lifted weights and how much he could bench and whether or not he would or would not approve of using a weight vest.

My Answer: I had some great discussions with Big Jim and as far as I could determine Jim had NEVER touched weights. Like me, Jim did not know how much he could bench...he had no idea.

But let tell you something...Consider this, Jim weighed about 280 pounds of massive muscular development when I met him. Now consider this. Jim did 100 Atlas Push-ups each day in sets of 30 or more.

With his massive Upper Body development I am convinced that he moved at least 2/3 of his body weight with each repetition so let's just say that he was moving 187 pounds X 100 reps = 18,700 pounds through the extended range of the Atlas Push-up movement which is at least twice the distance of a bench press.

Now, Let's consider a really strong weight lifter doing 5 sets X 6 reps on the bench with a 425 barbell. This by the way, according to what I have been told, would be a man of world champion caliber. Such a man would be moving 12,750 over the bench press range of motion which is about 1/3 the range of a full Atlas Push-Up. It would probably take both men a comparable amount of time and with bench presses of 425, it may even take more time than Big Jim's Atlas Push-Ups. Here's the point, Jim would be moving more cumulative weight over the full range of motion. That said don't try to tell me that weight lifting is automatically going to deliver better results than what we teach.

As far as a weight vest is concerned, I never once talked to Big Jim about it. In his case, he didn't need it. In my case, my body weight is very much upper body dominate so at 165 pounds I would be moving at least 2/3 or 110 pounds BUT in addition to that on an Atlas I, I can perform sets of 15 to 25 reps with a 52-pound weight vest. Thus bringing my weight up to 162 pounds on each rep. This would make my total 16,200 pounds on a total of 100 reps. Pound for pound I am moving more than 98% of my body weight through the extended range of that Atlas Push-Up motion.

If I perform an Atlas III with my feet elevated at 36" and my hands at 15" I am moving at least 95% of my body's weight on each repetition or 156 pounds. If I add a 52-pound weight vest I am moving 208 pounds through a very extended range of motion for 12 consecutive reps which are the most intense I have ever done in a single set. I realize that 208 pounds sounds light to a lot of you guys reading this but for me, it is a real challenge and truth to tell one that I could not have managed if it were not for my Isometrics.

His other question is whether or not Big Jim is stronger than I am. As far as overall strength he obviously is but if you measure strength in direct relation to one's own body weight who knows?

---John Peterson
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