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The All Meat Diet, Is It Safe?
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01-20-2020, 02:50 PM
Hello My Friends,

I was sent a link by a man that is on the "Carnivore Diet".

The man that sent me the link below did so because he believes that I go out of my way to be open and fair about everything that we address on our forum. I appreciate that.

The link below makes reference to toxic substances in certain grains of various types that 'give off' various toxins as a means of self-protection. Naturally, I have been aware of this for many years and it is something that those who embrace a completely vegan food regimen don't like to discuss or consider.

At any rate, you should ALL be aware that there are many sides to an issue and the truth is that there truly are natural toxins in grains that can be very toxic. At the very least they can cause an unsightly belly.

For those that are unfamiliar with the topic of toxic grains, several years ago a book titled "Wheat Belly" was published that dealt with many of these same issues. Please read the link above and we can discuss anything you would like to discuss.

While you're at it this is one worth checking out:

The general theme of the book "Wheat Belly" is that Dr. Atkins was correct.

---John Peterson
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