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Training with X-Tra Heavy Power Bands
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12-31-2019, 01:12 PM
Hello Everyone,

Of late we have had quite a few posts about Dr. John Jaquish and his training methods that employ High Intensity Latex Bands to provide resistance.

I have great respect for Dr. Jaquish and I have no doubt that his development is due to training with his high intensity latex resistance bands. After watching a few of his video clips and reading what he has to say I certainly agree with him. The only real difference is that I use Isometrics to achieve the same objective.

With the above stated. I am going to answer a few questions that I have received regarding him and his X3 method from a man that has spent several decades lifting weights and that has been dealing with some serious joint issues as a result.

Answer #1) YES, I believe that Dr. Jaquish does train daily for just 10 to 15 minutes using his High Intensity Latex bands. Watch the videos. He takes each exercise to momentary failure in complete safety. This is something that can't be done with weights, especially when training alone.

Answer #2) YES, I have no doubt that you can achieve fantastic development doing just 4 exercises each day if you are training at his level of intensity with full body exercises that incorporate muscle synergy as his do. And YES, you can literally accomplish the same thing with Isometrics once you know how.

Answer #3) The amount of resistance is variable when incorporating High Intensity Latex Bands and will not be the same from one individual to the next due to differences in limb length and depending on how far one stretches the bands. The farther the band is stretched or extended the more resistance it supplies so for that reason a very a very tall man with long limbs would be training at a much higher resistance than a short man performing the same exercises. BUT what difference does that make since it is the final result that you are after. By this I mean that even if you have to use a comparatively lighter resistance band at first it should not be a detriment to the overall result that you are out to achieve. That is solely dependent on the level of stimulus, rest, and nutrition and will vary from person to person.

Answer#4) How do you really know how much resistance you are using? Answer: In a sense you don't. At least not with the kind of precision you have when using weights. So lets be very clear about this one particular facet of training. In terms of knowing with great precision how much resistance you are using for any given exercise through any given range of motion there is nothing that I am aware of that offers the same feedback that weight training does. With weights it does not matter what exercise that you do because you know exactly how much weight you have on the barbell or dumb bells for any given exercise. If that is something that is important to you then using weights is the only way you'll get that kind of feedback. You can read in our archives on this topic but here's the bottom line, whatever method you decide on you will be training just as hard to achieve great results. For example, in one of my discussions with Jack King he told me that lots of people think that using push-ups to develop a great physique will be easy but the part they don't understand is that they will working every bit as hard to do it with Push-Ups as they would with weights.

Here is the bottom line: YES, you could use Dr. Jaquish's methods and achieve great results in 10 to 15 minutes of high intensity training each day just as he has. That is assuming you do everything else that he does. It does not matter what mode of resistance you use provided that it delivers a maximum stimulus for the maximum result. BUT there is more to it than just exercise, Dr Jaquish says he consumes 300 grams of protein daily. And there other things that he has done to achieve the kind of mass that he has achieved. As relates to the fact that states that he does no cardio, I think what he really means is that he does not do traditional cardio. In other words watch the video clips and realize that he is doing ultra intense cardio intervals the way he trains. Just because he is not using a treadmill or a stationery bicycle does not mean that he is not getting a great cardio benefit because he obviously does.

---John Peterson

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