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Dr. Jaquish: Combining Strength & Pump
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01-15-2020, 07:09 PM
Hello Everyone,

I want to be very specific and state here as succinctly as possible the observations a friend of mine has made using Dr. Jaquish's method first hand.

Dan lifted weights for more than 30 years. He openly admitted to using Dianabol and actually told me, "John, it's the perfect drug. I never had any kind of problem with it. I used to tell you that you should try it." Granted Dan did achieve a very exceptional physique winning the Mr. Minnesota title and a Great Lakes regional title and could have taken it much further but he has had numerous surgeries to deal with for a wide range of weight lifting related injuries that include carpal tunnel syndrome, torn rotator cuff on both shoulders, numerous surgeries on his knees, a double hernia and a great deal of sciatic pain that was exacerbated every time he tried to reincorporate heavy squats into his program. At one point, about 15 years ago he took my lead and was doing free-hand squats to the tune of 300 to 500 three days each week and in the course of 3-months he did get fantastic results in terms of aesthetic leg development not to mention that performing sets of 100 squats in each set allowed him to become more ripped and fat-free than he had ever been in his life. The thing that shocked him was that the freehand squats caused him no sciatic pain just as I said would be the case. However, even though he greatly enhanced his lung capacity and improved the aesthetics of his physique in a great way that engendered a great number of compliments being received from a great number of people, he lost more than 20 pounds of muscle mass (he says 50 but there's no way that it was more than 30 tops.) he carried to the point that people told him he looked so much better at his now much leaner body weight. Long story short, Dan liked being big and having people be awed by his massive size and to be told how much better he looked 30 pounds lighter was almost like an insult to him. The other thing was that although it took him a few months to work up to 300 to 500 squats each day in sets of 100, he missed the feeling he had when he was squatting with heavy Iron over 300 pounds in each set. He literally told me, "You don't understand what it feels like because you've never been a weight lifter." He had me on that one, but I did tell him, "I think I might because I know how it feels to do sets of 30 Pull-Ups when none of my other friends could." He said, "Yeah, I remember when you used to come in and do sets of 30 in the YMCA weight room and then when you'd leave everybody else tried to do it but couldn't. Then they'd all say, 'The reason that guy can do that is that he has scrawny looking legs like Charles Atlas." (But friends, my legs weren't scrawny at all. they measured almost 24" at 165 to 175 pounds. Back in the day I always teased Dan by saying, "Have you ever seen the legs on a gazelle?"

At any rate, Dan has not done ANY heavy lifting for years. BUT he did look at the clips that I forwarded to him of Dr. John Jaquish and his ultra heavy-duty resistance band exerciser. In fact, he purchased the whole set a couple of weeks ago immediately after seeing what I had sent him.

For the past 10 days or so, Dan has been training with Dr. Jaquish's training system and it has proven to be very challenging for him. Dan is not used to training with anywhere near the volume that he is now incorporating in each set. He told me that it has been amazing because the beginning of each exercise has a very comfortable transition built into it as you go from relatively light resistance to extremely intense the further you go in any given range of motion. He tells me that it feels completely different than using iron and in some ways the opposite of his weight lifting exercises. The thing that has amazed him the most is how completely he can exhaust the muscles by training as Dr. Jaquish advises. The thing that he is working toward is being able to use the ultra-heavy orange resistance band that he says he will be using in a few months.

The reason I sent Dan the links to the Jaquish videos, to begin with, is because Dr. Jaquish has the kind of muscle mass that Dan has always liked to carry and the way the Jaquish system works is to allow you to start any give exercise a light enough resistance to get the movement started that then becomes incredibly intense the further you pull or push. Dan tells that his weight training injuries were caused by performing exercises that were far too intense at the beginning of the movement and as a result, he was always cheating on his curling exercises to get the weight moving.

After more than a week of training in this style, Dan tells me the never had the combination of the extreme pump while pushing to the edge of his strength in the way he now does. He says that it takes some real getting used to. And he is adamant "It feels totally different than weights." The one thing that he does not like is that he really doesn't have a sense for how much resistance he is training against and that that one thing that was really great about training with heavy weights was that he always knew exactly how much he was using.

Now, as far as muscle mass goes, Dan says he'd like to regain the mass that he had that really did look much like Dr Jaquish. "I wonder what he's taking besides his 'Fortagen' protein supplement?" he asked. I told him that I had no idea but Dan assures me that he must be taking something and whatever it is he'd like to take it too.

Finally, I want to state something here that I truly do understand. There are men that really do enjoy having exceptional muscle mass. Dan is one of them and he is always telling about different pro wrestlers today that are massive by any standard and that Dan says are as massive as any bodybuilders in the magazines. I think the only reason Dan bought Dr. Jaquish's Muscle Building System is because of the extreme muscle mass that Dr. Jaquish exhibits. (At least in my mind the man is massive. And apparently he sells protein supplements and other products) I'll let you all know how Dan progresses. So far he thinks he has hit "the Mother Load" as he puts it.

---John Peterson
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01-16-2020, 06:58 AM
John - What a great post and there are so many things in it that I can personally relate to!

I bought a bands sytem last year, but then moved house and only recently got them out of storage and I am loving wusing them. They do feel completely different to weights, but I love the pump they give and the feeling after a workout - energised rather than dead on my feet which is how I'd feel after a weights workout.

There are a few people on youtube I follow who use weights.

When you last posted the link for Dr. John Jaquish, I first thought was that he's on "supplements" (wink wink). It's obvious. nobody at that age has muscle mass at that low bodyfat like that without some kind of 'help'. I've been around people who take various forms of 'help' for years and it's so easy to spot after a while.

There are the very very rare few how have god-like genetics, but this is so rare - so there is the posibility I could be wrong there.

Never the less that doesn't take anything away form his success with his training system - it's obviously very effective and I will check out his channel for ideas etc.

- Kenpopaul
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01-16-2020, 07:54 PM
Hi John, great post. There are a few factors that go into Dr. Jaquish's impressive size. I know some of this is going to be a bit controversial, but here is a link to a podcast interview with him where he discusses the development of Osteostrong, the development of X3, and why it is so effective, and the diet he follows which is certainly a factor in his massive growth.

The first part he speaks about Osteostrong
16 minutes in he talks about his development of the X3 system and why it is so effective

At about 33 minutes he talks about his diet and nutrition

One last comment on the comparison of the X3 system to regular bands, there is really no comparison. The X3 bands are extremely heavy duty latex that have been tested to last 9 years, not like the flimsy rubber bands where you think you are getting stronger but the bands are just stretching over time.

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01-17-2020, 09:54 AM

Thank You! That was an exceptional interview and I especially enjoyed the fact that the man who interviewed Dr. Jaquish not only asked good questions but allowed Dr. Jaquish to fully answer each and every one of them.
That man was a class act.

At the beginning of the interview when Dr. Jaquish was discussing bone density and how he helped his mother cure herself of osteoporosis he made reference to Isometric Contraction being the only way to safely generate the kind of forces necessary to create the adaptive response of bone re-mineralization. He never uses the words Isometric Contraction but it is clearly evident that when you are pushing are pulling with all your might for a duration of 5-seconds without movement that there is something magical that takes place and that is Isometric Contraction in the purist sense of the word.

This is also why I now believe that the one method of training that everyone should embrace (especially women that are more susceptible to osteoporosis) is Isometric Contraction because even more important than strengthening the muscles in the most direct way possible, Isometric Contraction is the only was to generate the forces necessary for the desired adaptive bone strengthening response without the compression factor that would automatically be caused by using heavy weights. By using Isometric Contraction we can strengthen the skeletal structure itself without the devastating effects of gravity that would literally break a weak skeletal structure before it had developed the necessary strength to deal with it.

Once again Free, that was a fantastic interview and I hope that each and every person here listens to it. I plan on listening to it again when I have the time.

----John Peterson
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