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The Power of Your Supraconscious Mind
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07-08-2019, 08:33 AM
Hello Friends,

After releasing the Isometric Power Belt Course (Yes it is happening) I would like to re-release some of the old classics from Swoboda, Alan Calvert, Sandford Bennett , Luigi Cornaro, S. Arthur DeVan and Walter M Germain.

The main reason for this is because they ALL shared one thing in common. These men knew and understood that there was and is a 'Power of Mind' that when harnessed correctly will TRANSFORM one's life and allow one to become master over themselves, their circumstances, and exceptional in every way as long as they continue to master it through daily directed thought, meditation, and applied action. It is referred to by ALL of the great physical culture writers of the past though they used different names for it. The term that most resonates with me is the 'Supraconscious Mind' as detailed in "The Magic Power Of Your Mind" by Walter M Germain. In this book Germain makes reference to the 'Supraconscious Mind' and gives many extraordinary examples. One such example is as follows:

"The Supraconscious can by-pass the limited Conscious mind and take absolute control of the functions and conditions of the body.

The story of Alois Swaboda is an excellent example of how this occurs.

A famous story of mind over matter

The late Dr. Daniel Boone Herring, “Sage of the Desert,” told me the story of Swaboda, whom he first met in 1899 in Omaha. Herring was at that time an inspector for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and first noticed Swaboda, then fifteen years old, taking his fill at a free-lunch counter in a saloon.

After seeing him eat the same way a second day, Herring arranged to get the youngster—whom he discovered was dying of consumption—a menial job at the saloon. The boy explained that he had hopped trains from New York, his birthplace, after his parents died of tuberculosis, determined to see the cow country. Three months later, his strength improved through regular eating, young Swaboda hopped another freight and continued on his way.

It was five years later that Herring next saw Swaboda, this time in New York City. He was robust and well dressed and looked little like the person who five years earlier was dying of tuberculosis.

Herring said the boy was as robust as a timber wolf and his muscle control was fantastic. He was able to control every muscle in his body, down to the smallest.

Swaboda explained that a bum who came into the Omaha saloon one day to “mooch” a lemon started him on the trail to physical perfection. The bum sucked the juice from the lemon, and as he did Swaboda realized that the sight of a man doing this made him drool at the mouth. He reasoned—correctly—that thinking can make all the organs of the body function perfectly. Swaboda thus discovered the magic power of the Supraconscious.

The boy went to Wyoming, got a ranch job there, and within the next few years built himself up to physical perfection. He had made the great discovery that cell structure can be renewed through the power of suggestion by the Supraconscious"
As stated above, you can discover this 'Power of Mind' discussed in virtually ALL of the early Physical Culture and Motivational books that were written during the first half of the 20th Century but it is something that has always been known. It was written about and discussed by ALL of the great philosophers from Socrates onward.
---John Peterson
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