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An Answer To The Huge GUT Question
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01-02-2020, 06:24 PM
Hello Everyone,

I received an e-mail along with several photos of contemporary professional bodybuilders that have excessively large and prominent 'Guts' that are now referred to as 'Bubble Guts'. In the photos that I was sent it was amazing to me that these men had incredible levels of muscular definition and single-digit body fat but also huge guts. And by huge I mean "HUGE".

I was asked if I believed that this was caused by a heavy dosage of HGH and Insulin.

My response to the man aking was to encourage him not to ask me or anyone else and to do a little homework of his own to discover when this phenomenon of the 'Bubble Gut' began to be prevalent among the bodybuilding crowd and to simultaneously look at when HGH became a widely used chemical agent in professional bodybuilding.

Whether or not the 'Bubble Gut' can be identified as the result of one specific factor like HGH I don't know but it seems that it is now considered to be a given for those that do take HGH.

Here's my take on it. At some point, I don't know when, but at some point, I would not be surprised if the "Wasp Waist" that was made famous by Steve Reeves and promoted through the fifties and sixties right up through Arnold Schwarzenegger's reign and era would once again become the rage in bodybuilding.

I can remember when my friend Dave Cody showed me a Weider bodybuilding magazine from about 1968 that featured Sergio Oliva and in the magazine, it stated that Oliva's waist measured 27" and that his thighs measure 28". Granted, there was a great deal of exaggeration in most of Weider's magazine articles about the men supposedly being trained by Joe Weider himself as well as the amounts of weights these guys were using and all kinds of other embellishments. BUT as relates to Oliva, I have subsequently read many times that he really did have a 27" waist 28" thighs and that every other measurement (21" biceps) really was true as well. I'm saying this for just one reason and that is because there has never been anyone before or since that has had the combination of genetic factors to create Sergio Oliva. He was singularly the most extreme physique of any era that I have ever seen. And if that ideal were to come back into vogue at this time it would mean that HGH, Insulin, and other growth factors would no longer be used in bodybuilding.

Granted, Oliva did use lots of steroids and had admitted so. BUT he was the man that had won the genetic lottery and there has never been anyone like him before or since. That may have been the reason Joe Weider got behind and promoted Arnold Schwarzenegger ahead of Sergio Oliva it wasn't because Arnold had a better physique but because Arnold had an unmatched charisma about him that was wide-ranging in appeal.

Anyway, the only way that bodybuilding will get away from the giant BUBBLE GUT is when the ideals of what comprises a great physique changes and if that does happen we'll see a swing back to 50s, 60s, and early 70s before HGH, Insulin, and God only knows what other designer drugs are currently in use.

If what I am conjecturing does not come to fruition it will be because the obsession with size continues. If that is the case then the BUBBLE GUT is here to stay.

I'm curious, what do some of the rest of you think?

---John Peterson
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