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Blood Flow Restriction Training
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01-08-2020, 02:50 PM
Hello Free,

Thank you for your insights.

I wonder if Dr. Mercola is aware of Dr. Jaquish's training methods.

The reason that I ask is that I am well aware that Dr. Mercola has certainly embraced strength training and particularly heavy lifting as a means of postponing the effects of age while not seeming to understand weightlifting own very real debilitating effects to the joints and spinal discs.

While I admire Dr. Mercola for his foresight I do not think that he has given thought to the debilitating effects of extreme gravity on one's spine or hip and knee joints. This is where I believe Dr. Jaquish is light years ahead of Dr. Mercola.

All of my personal research for the last 4 years has shown me that it is absolutely necessary to stress one's muscular system to the maximum (safely) in order to achieve the benefits of youthful hormone production and enhancement. There are two ways to accomplish this SAFELY that I am aware of and that is with Dr. Jaquish's Super-Duty Latex Bands or an Isometric Power Belt. Why is that the case? Because neither the Latex Bands or the Power Belt rely on the forces of amplified gravity pulling straight down as is the case with deadlifts and squats when using heavy barbells in excess of 300 pounds. Yet with both the Latex Bands and the Power Belt, the muscles and bones can be stressed safely to the maximum without any of the compression that happens when using actual weight.

You mentioned an Orange band that can generate tension that is equal to about 500 pounds at a maximum stretch. All I can say is WOW!!! Yet, I want to remind everyone that it does not generate gravitational forces of its own pulling straight down. With a barbell, the weight is constant while supporting it and there is simply no way that it will not cause deterioration and compression of the spinal discs or excessive strain to the ligaments surrounding the joints when putting the joints through a full range of motion.

I'm mentioning the above because I think Dr.Mercola would be objective when considering the superiority of the type of resistance Dr. Jaquish is offering or a Power Belt (when I send him one) as opposed to straight-line gravity as achieved with barbells.

I will also mention that I have had many friends that have had joint replacement surgery during the past two decades. Not all of them were weight lifters and in fact, the vast majority were not. BUT they ALL HAD ONE THING IN COMMON and suffered due to the stresses placed on their joints of carrying an additional 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds or more of added bodyweight that was with them every moment of every day and that was or is creating constant stress on the joints and connective tissues without delivering the necessary strength to support it. Believe me, a heavy but weak person is at a severe disadvantage when compared to a heavy strong person. The reason I'm saying this is because Dr. Jaquish obviously carries far more weight than he needs to but he does have the strength to support it. Who knows, at some point, he'll probably decide to drop a lot of it to look more like a gymnast than a powerlifter.

My whole point in what I have written above is that with proper strength training and nutrition every man can achieve his ideal weight and not suffer the pains caused by excess weight. This is why my own definition of functional strength is related to how strong a man or woman is in direct relationship to their own body weight.

My overall objective is to help people achieve maximum protective strength in direct relationship to their own body's weight. The vast majority of men in America could do wonders for themselves by slimming down to a healthy percentage of body fat while building protective strength. This alone would help ensure positive hormone balance while not overstressing one's joints, ligaments, and tendons.

---John Peterson
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