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Protein Supplements a waste of Money?
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01-17-2020, 08:26 PM
Hello Friends,

I just received an email from a man asking me if I agree with his Chiropractor that believes protein supplements are a waste of money. It seems his chiropractor believes that he is already exceeding his need for protein and that more is just an added strain on his kidneys and liver.

So, Do I agree or disagree?

Answer: I don't have a clue as to what his chiropractor is basing his assertion on.

That being the case I can neither agree nor disagree. On the one hand, If the goal is to lose body fat while fueling maximum muscular recovery and development I believe there are some protein supplements that offer excellent ways of getting first-class protein without ingesting a lot of extra calories. In fact, they allow you to lean down and still get all the muscle-sculpting protein you need. As far as whether or not it is an added stress to one's kidneys or liver my response is, "Compared to what?"

For example, if you're asking me if it's harder on your liver and kidneys to digest a super high-quality protein supplement as compared to eating a 24-ounce Bison Ribeye I'd tell you to get back to me when you have a serious question. Seriously, for me or anyone else to make a broad statement like that doesn't really make sense and ultimately it doesn't matter.

I'll give you another example. I know a man that has embraced 'the carnivore diet' and eats great amounts of meat, fish, shellfish, and eggs every day. In his case, I seriously doubt that taking a protein supplement is advisable or necessary. And even though this man tries his best to convince me that he is getting ALL of the micro-nutrients he needs each day I flat out don't buy it. I can't help but believe if someone remains on a strict carnivore diet to the exclusion of all else that eventually he will experience nutritional deficiencies. And yes, I read Vilhjalmur Stefansson's book when I was a kid. But bear in mind the Eskimos ate everything raw. They didn't cook anything. In fact, 'eskimo' means raw meat-eaters. Nonetheless, everyone is free to do whatever he thinks best.

The Atkins Diet by comparison at least allows you to eat spinach, kale, dandelion greens, and other low carb berries and superfoods that come from nature. To be so completely restrictive as this man tells me that he is seems to be putting him on a collision course with nutritional deficiencies even though he completely denies it. For example: like it or not fiber is an essential non-nutrient that is necessary for health and he's not getting any. C'mon, have you ever heard of constipation? But even if that was not the case, why would or should it matter to anyone what I think? Personally, I've done my own studies on nutrition and for me, the name of the game is maximizing male hormone and that ultimately means B-A-L-A-N-C-E.

But back to the original question and putting everything aside, I personally think that if getting X number of grams of high-quality protein each day is important to you that there are some truly excellent protein supplements that can help you achieve that aim without ingesting a huge number of added calories and at a fraction of the price. I have mentioned before on many occasions that Merriweather Lewis wrote in the journals of Lewis and Clark that there were times during the expedition that the men on the core of discovery expedition were consuming 9 pounds of meat, per man, per day and still felt ravenous hunger due to lack of all carbohydrates and it affected their thinking to the point that several had to be disciplined by the lash.

Wow, I guess I've rambled.

---John Peterson

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