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Isometric Powerflex Contractions...
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01-12-2018, 10:12 AM
Hello Everyone,

I have been asked about the effectiveness of Isometric Power Flex exercises that I presented in my book "Isometric Power Revolution". The man asking the question wanted to know if he really needs to incorporate 'Power Belt Isometrics' because he has had extraordinary results from performing the entire series of Isometric Power Flexes each and every day for the last decade. He told me that he is convinced that for the purpose of Muscle Sculpting and achieving a really handsome physique that nothing he has ever done even comes close to the effects and benefits of the Iso-Power Flex Contractions. So his question is, "John do you think I really need the Power Belt?"

Answer: The Isometric Power Flex Contractions found in "Isometric Power Revolution" are Identical to those found in the Mike Marvel "Dyna-Flex Course" and Mike Dayton's "Chi Mind Control" Course ( Those two courses featured exactly the same exercises--no difference at all). With the Power-Flex series of Isometric Contractions you ARE NOT contracting your muscles in active opposition to an external immovable force or object. The exercises are instead performed in a fashion identical Dr Kiveloff's Full Body Isometric Contraction with each contraction focusing on a specific muscle group at the angle of greatest contraction in any given range of motion. The resistance is supplied by your mind projecting it's control over the muscles telling the muscles to contract at maximum intensity. Once mastered IT IS a complete system of Muscle Control and for the purposes of physique enhancement can greatly enhance any man's physique that masters them. The one thing they WILL NOT do is to greatly increase muscle size because they do not infuse highly oxygenated blood into the muscle tissue and in order to see a dramatic increase in muscle size YOU MUST achieve 'A Pump". Nonetheless for the purpose of burning off subcutaneous fat and enhancing muscular definition nothing works better. Another added plus for mastering this type of Isometric contraction is that you will then be able to learn the Isometric Power Belt Contractions far more quickly.

So here is your answer Michael. If YOU are as pleased with your current strength level as you obviously are with your physique then there is absolutely no need at all to perform Isometric Power Belt Contractions. None.

What Isometric Power Belt Contractions do offer is a way to safely duplicate each and every angle(plus many more)of each and every weight lifting exercise that would normally be performed with Barbells, Dumb Bells, Kettle Bells & Machines and to do so in total safety as you focus the mind on the contraction of the muscle groups themselves. There is simply no way to accomplish this objective in any other way so quickly, so safely and so completely from EVERY conceivable angle. The Power Belt Isometrics develop RAW STRENGTH far better than any other method because every exercise requires total Isometric body stabilization and there is ZERO momentum involved. This is not hype it is FACT as every man will soon discover. No other device allows for this level of maximum contraction or the speed to accomplish it.

---John Peterson

PS: One other point. No other device I have ever seen will exercise your grip so completely as does Power Belt Isometrics. You will soon discover why.

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01-12-2018, 10:52 AM
For the past few weeks I have gone back to using the Isometric Power Belt exclusively in my workouts while improvising, as best I could, using John's new concept to increase the intensity, laser like focus and targeting of different muscle groups and body parts in my workouts. My experience has been totally positive and I am looking forward to receiving John's new, improved Iso Belt and the instuctions that go with it.

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01-13-2018, 06:07 PM
My left knee gives me fits and for years my primary exercise for my legs has been John's Isometric power flexes contractions. If I do more vigorous leg exercise my knee has a tendency to ache and swell up, so the powerflexes are a charm.
Since I am not going to be competing in anything more intense than walking a few miles a day, my legs look good, how strong do they need to be? But if I abuse my knee am I looking at a replacement?

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