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My 1200 Rep Joint Healing Complex
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02-01-2018, 04:11 PM
Hello Everyone,

A part of my Living Strength Joint Healing System is My 1200 Rep Morning Complex.

Here is an example of just one Healing and Rejuvenation Complex.

In this Healing complex all 12 exercises are performed in a Standing Position and all are performed in Tiger Move fashion with perfect precise movement and strong emphasis on 100% smooth, non-jerky movement.

Bear in mind that this is a healing complex of 12 exercises to be performed circuit style in 20 repetition sets going from one exercise to the next with very little or no rest between exercises. Seven of the twelve exercises are McSweeney's original Tiger Moves. They are performed with enough tension so that you really feel it at 20 reps.

Here is the order:

1) Full Range Neck Circles (Slow, Smooth and Precise) 10 in each direction

2) Maximum Amplitude Arm Circles (Full Shoulder Rotation) Forward and Reverse--10 in each direction

3) Circular Shoulder Shrugs--10 full Circles Forward 10 full circles in reverse( Smooth, Precise Movement)

4) Double Biceps Curl & Press ( standing arms extended horizontally: Curl arms-FLEX-then Press 20 reps

5) Barrel SqueezeTM-1( tension in both directions) 20 reps

6) Shoulder Roll TM-2 20 reps

7) Wrist Twist TM-3 20 reps

8) High Reach Tm-4 20 reps

9) Pull Down TM-5 20 reps

10) Full Body Sweeps 20 reps

11) Ab Roll & Flex TM-6 20 reps

12) Knee Bend TM-7 20 reps

Start with 1 set at comfortable tension so that you really feel the muscles have been thoroughly worked as you approach 20 reps in each exercise. Perform 1 to 5 circuits. This is an energizing workout that has extraordinary healing properties as it enhances and maintains full range muscle and joint movement.

---John Peterson
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