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The Most Amazing Isometric Strength Feat
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09-24-2018, 12:29 PM
Hello Everyone,

I was asked about what I consider to be the greatest feat of Isometric strength that I have ever heard of.

That answer comes from what I was told by Jack King. He told me that during the intense isometric research studies that were conducted by the York Barbell Club with Dr. John Ziegler in the early 1960's that Bill March once took a barbell loaded to 80 pounds and extended it straight out from his shoulders to full extension directly in front of him and held it there for 12 seconds before retracting it to his shoulders. The only other man that could duplicate it was Lou Riecke who was also one of the Isometric test subjects.

Jack told me that he knew lots of guys that could bench well over 400 pounds but not one of them could duplicate this feat that is due to developing the stabilizer muscles as only isometric Contraction can.

I find the above to be "off the charts" impressive strength.

---John Peterson
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