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Time to pushup blitz with a twist
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03-13-2019, 07:42 AM
As I come off the Tiger Moves journey for a little while..I got a craving for some pushup actions and squats using minimal sets and as many reps as possible..

My theory is to do 2 to 3 sets per movement, im aiming at 3
I picked out what I personally consider for me to be essential variations and the ones that have given me supierior results through out the years

The aim is to achieve in minimal time what one would spend all day doing mindlessly and aimlessly...

I believe I have constructed a formulation of arrangment to achieve volume, intensity, max natrual muscle formation, stave off minimal time while staying under 600 reps...but still gettimg the same results as if I were doing a 1000 or more...

I believe that after 5 to 600 reps of high volume is the point of diminishing returns...using varying hand positions of course along with partials and full range...steady work rate of minimal rest through out just long enough to let the lactic acid subside..the whole spectrum of muscle strength and endurance factors will be activated

Dare I say flexability will be enhanced due to various hand placement and shoulder articulation points your not just doing hundreds of reps in one or two locked positions but your using full spectrum of varying movement planes same with the squats.

I feel good about it cause its hitting all my requirements for my personal excercise philosophy.

Minimal time
Muscle development
All fitness factors enhanced
Similar results one would get from a longer and more complex workout

Im believing more and more the more condensed and effort put into the workout it takes minimal time for your best results

So anyway heres the workout and arrangement designed to keep the total volume and time down and kinda how ive been doing my pushup programs and variations I feel are essential...and once again its synergistic to keep the volume and time down.

Standard marine style pushup x3
Wide grip push ups x3
Close grip x3
Slant pushups or hands by hips x3
Diamonds x3
Pikes or shoulder press pushups x3
Bench dips and close grip bench dips mixed up x3
Extended arms or gullitione style push ups x3
Bicep pushups with hands turned out or backward

Atlas squatsx3
Sissy squatsx3
Side ninja lunges x3

And Im still trimming the essentials I see a few more I may cut but still feelimg them out

To enhance this routine I do something I call intensity modifiers if I want to increase challenge..

They are doing any variation from a incline
Taking away a leg or points of contact
Instep pushup
Slower full range reps
Fist and fingers
And then yet combining any of those with the inclines

I dont count reps I use the charles atlas method of till tired or ache..not failure

I only rest long enough to catch breath and let lactic acid reside

I do all speeds and range of motions within the three working sets..

I stress its not a routine to go to failure or extreme exhaustion..

Its meant to pump up and activate with a eventual well formed and balanced woody strode said he developed a look...

To me once you develop the look unique to your body type its just routine upkeep

The beauty is the first few variations go quick and towards the end you feel the gravity of situation...but thats how you keep the time down if your not into long workouts...but want a wonderful pump..

And the advanced version of this as I have done in the past

Is add pullups for 2 sets minium
Wide a note I perform arch back pullups its cool because its a combo of a row and a vertical pull its actually the only way I do pullups for width and thickness and its autonomously ingrained.

So yea this is what Ive settled on perpetually for my pushup routine..tried and tested over the years..
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