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Best Reason For Isometric Strength
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05-03-2019, 02:37 PM
Hello Everyone,

I just received an e-mail from a man that Identifies himself as a high school wrestling coach that is interested In applying Isometrics for his team. He hails from Omaha, Nebraska and has coached several young men that became national champions. His question was 'Can you give me a convincing argument for Isometrics instead of weights for my wrestlers."

My response, "For grappling strength and achieving maximum strength at the lightest possible body weight I was told by Coach James Baley that nothing compares to Power Belt Isometrics. BUT on the other hand, if the athlete is trying to gain a considerable amount of muscle mass and add body weight that heavy weight lifting was better for that purpose although Coach Baley said that heavy weight-trained muscles that utilized mass building exercises like Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press would have a tendency to slow one down considerably. On the other hand if one were training on the Olympic Lifts it could be used to enhance speed. Baley was of the opinion that wrestlers, gymnasts, and swimmers that wanted to be as strong as possible but maintain a lower body weight were far better served with Isometrics and that as relates to the health of one's joints that Isometrics were vastly superior for that purpose. So the bottom line is, what is the objective you are trying to accomplish? Baley was always quick to point out spinal compression and overstretched ligaments from surrounding the joint capsule were a given if using heavy weights.

So it really comes down to two things 1) highest possible strength at lowest possible body weight and 2) protecting connective tissues. I'll throw in a third and that is that Isometrics can be performed daily in a small fraction of the time required for a comprehensive weight program usually about 20%. Baley was adamant that a man could accomplish better results with 10 to 15 minutes of Isometric than could be achieved in an hour with weights.

The only real drawback that I see to Isometric Contraction is the fact that you do not have an objective measurement unless you test yourself with weights or universal gym from time to time. One other thing that I was told by Baley was that isometrics increase one's overall sense of muscle control if performed in front of a mirror.

---John Peterson
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